Can I Create a portfolio for my children or is it one account per person?

Hey guys I have started my one dividend portfolio but is there a way we’re I can open numerous accounts or numerous personalised dividend etfs within my account,basically I want to creat 3 separate portfolio’s for my 3 children so when they turn 18 it would be a nice gift for them.


Unfortunately not at the moment, only one account per NI number! I have just picked the all world vanguard ETF (not advice just an example!) and everything I buy of that is for my son.


You could, in theory, open a JISA which effectively is an investment account you manage on your children’s behalf. As @jeff said, it is not yet available via Freetrade. However, you never know if it is something that will be implemented two or three years down the line :wink:

If you are interested, here is the idea for it you can vote for.


So you’re saying I can have a jisa as well as my normal account??

Possibly in future, not at the moment


You can have JISA even now, but as Emma said, not with Freetrade yet.