Can not login Freetrade app anymore?

I am using my old iphone 6s+ for trading all the time. suddenly last week, I can not login freetrade software on mobile phone. when I press icon, the purple window appear for one second and then disappear! I have tried to reinstall or reload application. No luck so far! Anyone can help???

8 year old technology maybe its time for an upgrade.

To be fair we shouldn’t see 8 year old tech as obsolete. We can’t just keep creating and throwing so much shit out all the time. 10 years is a reasonable expectation for a laptop / phone / tablet imo.

The 2012 MacBook Pro (with a few component updates) is still one of the best laptops apples ever made.


Agree i used to have an iphone 5c for my workphone lasted 8.5 years. It did pretty much what it needed to

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An iphone 6 cant support anything past ios 12 something current ios 16 something over time the number of apps that cant be used on a 6 will increase until it cant meaningfully be used at all, kind of built in obsolescence.

Same with me can’t login. It’s been nearly 3 weeks now I can’t login. Can someone help me plzzz…


Are you running a dinosaur device?

There is no fix to unsupported devices other than to upgrade once in a while…iphone 8 or more runs current IOS.

Finally got too login but what happened to all my stocks it’s all cleared out can some one again help me plzzz

Youll need to speak to customer service