Canada moves a step closer to legalising marijuana 🇨🇦

(Calum McWhir) #1

"Buy low, stay high"


(Adam) #2

Too bad you can’t invest in the Ontario Cannabis Store. It’s supposed to go live on July 1st, Canada Day.

To give context, all booze in Ontario is sold by a government monopoly (the LCBO) that is often reported as the largest buyer of liquor in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if OCS sales eclipse the LCBO within a decade. This new industry is going to be huuuuge.

With the Conservatives winning the provincial election this month, we may see an IPO yet (LCBO, too).

New Premier-elect (infamous crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s brother) :point_down:

(Kenny) #3

I wouldn’t mind planting a few seeds, feels like an exciting industry to invest.

The volume of research required and noise and hype to cut through has put me off spending any serious amount of time on it. I’ve dipped into r/weedstocks a few times but that’s about it.

ETFs feel like a good place to start…

(Chris) #4

There’s a large factory in the UK. Impressive security. Can’t think why.
Should try and get shares in that company too. Need to remember who they are now.

Edit: G Pharm

(Adam) #5

I had no idea this existed in the UK, thanks for sharing @Chris. The comparable Canadian pilot project was in a mine, super secure!

I think we’ll have to wait for a next-gen leader in the UK, like Justin Trudeau :canada:, before we see real change in related government policy on this side of the pond.

Sidenote: Lots of other great Canadian companies we’d like to make availble on Freetrade, but to start you’ll have to make do with the dual listings in New York eg Potash Corp. Cameco, Shopify, Barrick Gold …