Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (COPL) Share Chat

Could we add COPL please, seems like a good share

Because I want to invest in it :slight_smile:


I have invested into it and got over 6000 shares in for long term investment and look forward to seeing how they do.


I too have purchased a block and look forward to seeing them grow albeit very slow.

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Just tried to buy some more and got rejected three times
Sorted now

All buys and no rise in price 65k this morning and no sales but price stagnent

Sell rejected again. I’m honestly getting sick of Freetrade now

I’m holding HSBC has purchased 5%
With Atomic take over close to completion this stock is on the move up soon

Yep, a nice upswing today with some institutional buyers and still more to come.

I’m pretty happy with this one so far, it’s definitely a hold. I’ve read analysis @ 0.7-1p target price.

I think as news gets out will see more holds, then the big funds will play, HSBC must have prior info

How can you be sick of something that happens on all platforms but blame this one broker for it. You should be grateful that the sell is rejected as for you to be granted a guaranteed sell it would mean it would be far from the asking price

What im sick of, Lukas, is continued f**kery on this platform