Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (COPL) Share Chat

Atomic accounts being audited, shouldn’t be too long until relisting.

Fingers crossed for Nigerian news soon too


Has anyone seen or heard any new yet?

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Other share dealing platforms have received notification that COPL intend to relist this month.

So i would imagine Freetrade have received similar.

Exciting times, get ready for rockets :rocket:


When realistically are they going to relist? We were told April, then May and now it is June.

Anyone know how much those shares are going to be worth? 20 pence or less? :woman_shrugging:t6:

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I have seen a few posts on other sites that it’s due to be back up by the 28th of this month and a few people are saying it could be as much as 50p a share but for the actual numbers we will have to wait till the day