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Another Q1 extension, 26th July…

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Thank god I only have a few quid in here, if I had thousands I would be very worried,

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Care to elaborate further?

The way i see it, thank “god” that I’m locked into this share, amongst all the current market turmoil and the escalating price of oil, there’s no better place to be.

I wouldn’t want to be outside, waiting to buy in upon re-list.

Maybe because I got burnt with harbour energy and hoping this won’t be the same :thinking::cry:

Different scenarios.

We’re only encountering financial reporting delays. Meanwhile actively producing and ramping up output.

Just hang in until Q2 results, this should demonstrate nicely.


Q1 financials

Arthur Millholland, President & CEO, commented:

"With the acquisition closing on 16 March 2021, the Company’s production averaged 1,220 bbl./day oil (gross) 706 bbl./d oil net for the term of 16 days until 31 March 2021. Current oil production has increased 50% to approximately 1800 bbl./d (gross) due the commencement of increased gas injection volumes on April 1 at the Company’s Barron Flats miscible flood project.

Looking very promising. Expect prospectus to get approval this week and potentially relist next week with a market update etc

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:pray::+1: Brilliant,
I thought we was getting some news today :thinking:

Current bopd at 1800, this will grow exponentially with the flooding.

Relist forecast projections 1.2p - 2p