Cancelling Plus and selling Plus Shares

Thinking upgrading to plus. If I buy shares that are locked to plus, and subsequently cancel plus subscription, can I sell the shares without a plus subscription? I’m a small investor, £9.99 a month might not be long term sustainable for me, or may not offer me the value I need from it.

You absolutely can. Not having Plus stops you from buying shares in certain companies, but there’s no need to have Plus to sell them later.


Few things to note if you cancel plus:-
you can’t set limit orders and stop losses without plus
you don’t get interest on your cash balance
you can’t resubscribe to plus for 3 months after cancelling
you will be charged £3 a month for an ISA (if you have an ISA account)
you won’t get priority customer service

This is all covered in the help section of the freetrade site

It may be worth reviewing at least the plus help section of the site


I did have a pretty good search before asking here, bit didn’t find that particular page.