Cannot use app after update - while using iOS 13 beta

I can’t use the app after the update, it just show a pink screen

I’m sorry to hear that, could you please send us a message with some more details about which device you have and the version to so that we can look into this for you?

I get this too but I wouldn’t be surprised to find its iOS beta related. Oh for the life of a developer :joy:

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I just ran a full, remove and reinstall the app, definitely dead for me. Public and Dev beta users beware… like usual really.

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I can confirm this happens on iOS 13 beta fro me too.

Thanks for letting us know, could you please email us via so that we can get some more details?

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Have done. :+1:
Will keep testing too - next developer beta 3 expected early next week.

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Dropped one in too. Let me know if we can help any other way.

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I’m also have the same issue as well :frowning:

Just received this reply to my email:

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately the iOS 13 beta has stopped the Freetrade app from working, we are looking into this and hope to resolve the issue soon. In the meantime you will need to opt-out of the beta if you want to access the app.


I am using the ios13 beta, and the app works just fine for me.

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So am I & it’s working fine for me too. We’re confident that this is the cause of the issue but it’s affecting user sporadically.

It would make sense. All this hassle just for a nice new volume button and dark mode…

Also managed to see a different iPhone working with existing build of Freetrade on iOS 13, whilst mine doesn’t.

The difference is I installed Freetrade on this phone after the upgrade to iOS 13. The other person installed Freetrade last week on iOS 12, and then upgraded to iOS 13 now. Their app still works, mine doesn’t.

Hope this helps.

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I had it already and it stopped working. Reinstalling didn’t help. We’re seeing a bunch of odd bugs affecting users even when everything seems identical, although devices are also seeing some differing crash bugs. Not all iOS 13’s are born equal! :joy:

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Works on iOS 13 for me here with an iPhone XS Max

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Beta 3, still the same for me.

Do we have any update coming for this bug?

We’re looking into a fix at the moment but this is a relatively low priority while iOS 13 is only available as a public beta.

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Had to get onto the beta for a rendering project I’m working on - sadly I’ve had a few apps that aren’t clicking with it at the moment - but that is the nature of the beast!

From what I’ve seen this iOS upgrade would be a great time to introduce dark mode :wink:

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