Can't access my porfolio

Had to erase my iphone to factory settings due to a corrupted IOS, now I’ve lost access to my account/porfolio, using the same login details , so instead of taking me to my old account, I got a new brand new account instead.

Clear the app’s cache, or uninstall and reinstall to start from the beginning.

Check that you are signing in with the correct email address, especially if you have more than one. A good way to check is if you had dividend paying stocks in your portfolio, then the correct email address will be the one dividends are paid into. (The community forum and honey can be signed up for with separate email addresses, so are not a good indication.)

Additionally did you fund the GIA or ISA previously? Check the dropdown on the portfolio screen to switch between accounts if you have logged into the correct account.


Thanks, just found out where I’ve gone wrong