Can't find Man Group

Hi there I can’t seem to find man group on the app anymore does anyone know why?

Same, wonder what the reason is?

We’ve temporarily removed Man Group from the Discover tab in the app, to avoid complications while their corporate action takes place. If you’ve already invested in them then the stock should still appear in your portfolio as usual. They’ll be be back in a couple of days.


Shares down -3.46% today.

What’s happening with Man Group? What is the corporate action?

Nicked this from HL’s web site :smile:

What is happening?

The Board of Man Group plc has announced proposals to re-domicile the Company from the UK to Jersey by means of a Scheme of Arrangement. Under the terms of the Scheme Man Group plc Shareholders will receive the following:
1 New Man Group plc Share in place of each Man Group plc Share held.


Are they actually going to be called New Man?

I took that to mean they will cancel your old share and give you a new share in the re-domiciled company with the same name. I could be wrong though :slight_smile:


Sounds like they are having a mid life crisis :sweat_smile:.

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Disappointed they chose Jersey instead of the Isle of Man


This was the heads-up message I got a few days ago: