Can't see stats of my buy/sell transactions - what's going on?

Hi All,

I’m a Plus user and I generally not happy with the velue for money I’m getting, especially because I’m locked into the app as there is no alternative access to the platform.
On top of that, today I can see no data about my buy/sell transactions at all. I closed the app, checked for the updates and even restarted my phone - nothing helped.

Its just appalling. Can you get it fixed?

Why did you buy into a platform that is a phone based app then? Seems very odd to be so frustrated when surely you looked at what you were signing up to before joining.


A complaint about data not showing in the app is legitimate, although why the OP decided to complain here rather than using the support system I don’t know.

Complaining about a feature not existing that wasn’t there when you signed up seems to be a common feature of new users lately. I’d hope they do a little more research into the stocks they buy… :man_shrugging:


because it was the only affordable entry level option. and being a phone based platform is not my only complaint as you can see, it’s just one of the many things.

not very accurate. one cannot test how good or bad the app is before they sign up.

I complained here mainly because I don’t know how to use the support system. Yes, I actually used it once at the beginning but it’s not obvious, maybe I’m not a person that naturally does everything through the app :wink:

I recently searched the forum to find out if it’s possible to sort my portfolio in a way that suits me. There was a lot of similar questions or requests dated back to 2019. As I mentioned above to the other opponent, it’s difficult to try before signing up. And it’s a shame Freetrade cares so little about their users’ requests.

I’m carrying on with my research and if things remain the same, I won’t stay with Freetrade as it’s definitely not free and might be more expensive than more transparent and feature-rich platforms.

Hi @Akasma74 have you raised this issue in the in App chat?

I had a similar issue which is now fixed. If the stats aren’t now showing try uninstalling and reinstalling the App. If that doesn’t work reach out to support in the Contact Us part of the App,


Mine isn’t working.

How on Earth could it be? There was no change on my side, I believe it’s all on their side so how would it help if I reainstall it? I just can’t believe in it (I know you want to help so it’s not about you anyway).

Yes, will contact them and see how it goes.

I think the FT app support is not as intuitive as it could be.

I used to have live-chat support but then when plus was introduced it became more difficult for me to not only find access to help but also get help.

Given I only started investing in Stocks and ETFs because of FT and I use it almost daily I am a big fan and I hope my feedback can help it to improve @Viktor @sampoullain blush:

  1. When in the app (on iPhone) none of the icons at the bottom of the app help me easily understand where to go when I need support because quite simply none are labelled “help”

  2. So what I do is I click on each of them and then unfortunately I often don’t see where to go for support despite clicking through those sections. I think this is because I spend a lot of time looking at different stocks and the portfolio area is looking at a particular stock and it doesn’t go back automatically to its default / my portfolio view and as a result it’s not obvious where a user should go to find help. This is because the person icon is missing from the top right unless the portfolio page is in its default/ normal portfolio view.

  3. So when I eventually realise portfolio is not reset or in default, I have to click the arrow in the top left hand corner of portfolio screen

  4. Then I have to know to click on the person image in the top right of the portfolio screen ( it’s not always obvious as I often have to scroll up before I focus my attention to the top right).

  5. Then when I click the circle with the person in the top right I get to my what I describe as my Personal Account details as it’s got my name , address etc … now that’s why I’m also often confused as I describe that as my ‘Account’ details so when I go back to look for my account info and help, I think it should be located under “account” but it isn’t as its under 'portfolio; so I have to know to click on “Portfolio” at the bottom of the app before I can get close to accessing help. So I’m always clicking around to find support :blush:

  6. Then I scroll down and I click “Help & Support”

  7. Then I click “contact us”

  8. Then I see “send us a message”

  9. I click “anything else” as it’s often not one on the list

  10. But then after all that I get this message (see below) which asks me to email and then I have to wait for a reply which sadly because it’s not real time can often lead to frustration.

I have been with FT for the last two years.
I always forget where to go as it’s not as intuitive but I’m sharing this as I do sympathise with less patient people who are new. I love FT so I’m sharing this to help the user researchers / user designers as I still
think that despite this difficulty I like the app and enjoy using it to invest in the stock market.

Thank you


PS- now I’ve typed all this I’ll probably always remember where to click :joy:

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Well, I started as a normal user but soon realised that the range of orders is awful and I can’t do what I want so decided to pay for PLUS to see if it would help.
PLUS is a bit better but still, laggy and buggy app without web alternative isn’t great at all.
And yes, 100% agree that making some stocks PLUS only puts people off.

I’m carefully examining my options because at the end of the day it’s the features and price that makes them competitive.
So if I find a platform that suits my needs better at reasonable cost, I’ll switch no doubt.

Exactly. To hide it within Portfolio was a “great” idea. And the way one interacts with theis help system isn’t natural for us, humans.

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