Can't sell any shares today? - resolved

Anyone having issues selling their shares today? Literally can’t sell a single stock in my portfolio.

Had this issue for about half an hour this afternoon, finally went through just now though so maybe give it another try now?

Have same issue, can you claim compensation as not happy?

Now that would be a slippery slope to go down…

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What are you trying to sell?

It’s probably because the market is particularly busy today. This happened before, when news of the first vaccine hit. On that same day, I believe HL was in an even worse state. It unfortunately happens.

No customer service confirmed it was an engineering issue. Fortunately I didn’t take too bad of a hit, don’t buy or sell much but this has happened a few times now.

Seems to be fixed now, was something to do with “Google Cloud”.

But… This is not good enough!


JP Morgan Chase/Deutsche Bank: ‘‘Sorry, we cannot broker the £150bn dollar M&A merger between AT&T and Time Warner … the market is a bit busy today’’.

That example doesn’t make sense on any level though :smiley:
Down times happen in every business, unfortunately. We’ll never get fully rid of that.


Not quite the same. And they’d actually have similar issues if for example no one would buy all their shares at the price they’re selling at.

You should read the execution policy around this


#Facetious. Look it up.

I don’t think he was being facetious… more being polite after you made a ridiculous comparison.
Do you really think retail investors have the same sway/access to markets as investment banks? :thinking:
If the market is busy all the retail platforms struggle, it’s nothing new.

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No Mr Chew, I was being facetious, not him.
Seems you obviously completely missed every nuance of my Monty Python-esque comment which was meant to be ridiculous and exaggerated. That was the whole point ! :man_facepalming:

Never has the term ‘r/whoooosh’ been more applicable.

Internet warrior (!)

From the comments above I don’t think anyone got your odd humour so hardly a “whoosh”.
“Internet warrior”? :joy::nerd_face:

it’s r/whoosh, not whoosh.

(got a particularly slow one here!) :man_facepalming:

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The Chinese economy is the fastest growing in the world. Would it be better to invest in Chinese companies than American companies for growth potential?

Actually, there are many countries growing faster than china. Most of which are in Africa.
You definitely should allocate some part of your portfolio to emerging markets, but beware that China owns these companies, you effectively don’t have any investor rights when investing there.

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