Cardano (ADA)

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Announces 15 finalists for the Global CBDC Challenge; over 300 submissions from 50 countries received


Looks like the wheels are slowly falling off Cardano, as they realise endless peer reviews count for nothing if you haven’t got working tech :eyes:

The subreddit is a good laugh right now :sweat_smile:

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The Medium article before your post discusses this at length. Feel free to read it if you are genuinely interested and looking for constructive feedback on the subject.

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I’ve just read it and to summarise what they say:

  • Yes it’s a big problem
  • Here are two potential solutions that don’t really work
  • Don’t worry we are working on a secret solution that totally fixes it
    Not very convincing.

As you can tell I’m not a fan of the project, it’s built on nothing but hype and marketing… while so far they have delivered zero.

Having said that, I am most certainly envious of the returns some have made and I hope you take some profits before this cycle ends.

I bought 1000 Cardano at 77p so sitting pretty at the mo

Great article but I need to read through it again to get the gist.


Wow a you tube video without a dumbass gurning :joy: I’ll give it a view.

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Wish I could help you more by pointing out what Cardano/IOHk have delivered so far however you already confirmed bias and there’s nothing I can say or share which will change your mind, it needs to come from your end. Don’t get too attached to things especially in the world of investing, it’s about making money and doing a lot of research.

Wish you all the best and all the gains possible.