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When is this due out?

Cellular goods ipo coming out Thursday 25th… just looking into it now. They make skincare and athletic recovery products manufactured from biosynthetic cannabinoids and backed by David Beckham will this week become the first company of its kind to formally unveil plans for a main London stock market debut. Could be worth a flutter… what’s people’s opinion?

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From the Primary Bid website:
“It is expected that Admission will become effective and that dealings in the Ordinary Shares will commence at 8am on 4 March 2021”


This stock is available on the 4th March . I hope freetrade put it on here same day


Great to hear Victor!

HL have already added this company in preparation, do FT do the same prior to opening bell?

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I hear the stock of Cellular goods debut has been brought forward to 1st March . I hope freetrade add it on the same day

Any news on the day it’s going live and do you know if AJBELL will have it on there platform

I received an email from Primary Bid today advising me of my allocation and, if I’ve understood it correctly, shares will start trading on 26th Feb (contrary to the previously published date of 4th March).

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing. The date does indeed seem to have changed a few times now, with 1st March the latest we’d received from the company communications.

We’ll add this as soon as it goes live!

UPDATE: Looks like it’s happening this Friday, 26th Feb, and we’ve added this to your app in anticipation:


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I’ll be on 8:30 hopefully get a low share price before what I would think an inevitable rise

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Any idea on start price?

The offer price is 5p

I hope freetrade go live in the morning. I’ve got it on my watch list and I will be waiting for 8-30.

Meant to be 5p

Is it going to be live for market open at 8am?


It was 5p in the primarybid IPO but I doubt it will be 5p when it opens to retail.

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Yeah I’m thinking it’ll be 15p plus - timing this one will be tricky

Not currently live on FT and I’m seeing elsewhere that it’s already over 20p

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