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News was announced last night/this morning. Of a company called CELLULAR GOODS, backed by David Beckham. The hope is that it will be listed today or tomorrow on the LSE. Please could you add this ASAP as there is a chance it may blow up fast! (Sorry unsure of what ticker)


I’m interested to invest in this company too. I only think they announced their imtention to list today though, not to actually list today. Would think it’s a slightly longer process.


Yeah thats true! But the earlier the better!

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Came here for this!


Kanabo an Israeli company will likely be the first cannabis company to list on LSE


I’m also very interested in this. Would be great to have access first day of ipo.


We aim to add it on as soon as it’s available - as usual with IPOs!


@Viktor any update on wether this’ll go live on FT tomorrow?

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Yeah, any news please?

Only available from Mar 4th.

The IPO that’s live now is restricted to certain brokers for both corporate and retail investors.

Tennyson Securities, Novum Securities and PrimaryBid.


I had a read of the prospectus and just a few things I personally didn’t like the look of:

  • Management seems to be full of sports/entertainment/crypto (really?) personalities linked to Beckham, with a distinct lack of pharma/scientific minds. Which brings me onto…
  • This is not like other cannibinoid companies, because they own nothing but their brand. The products are developed by Arcania Apothecary, not CBX (which itself just looks like a fragrance factory but fine) and they do not even test their own product, that is done independently (granted probably for the best). They have no employees and have done no research themselves. Their future product innovation is entirely dependent on a fragrance maker in Somerset.
  • The idea of biosynthesising CBD is nice but what they failed to mention on their presentation is that their first products such as the face mask, and according to them likely others down the line will actually consist of synthetic CBD sourced from pharmaceutical grade suppliers. If you search for synthetic CBD you get a warning from the CDC and a raft of reports of serious side effects. Now CBX may have super clean CBD but they’re totally opaque about it which is funny considering they’re supposed to be building a brand on trust.
  • They want to provide pet products by 2023. That is entirely reliant on regulatory approval by then and there haven’t even been studies yet!
  • So this is actually just a e-commerce/FMCG play, with no customers, no IP on their supposed USP of biosynthesis and no employees. Seems extremely speculative to me, idk they were just my thoughts.

Hmm yeah that’s very true, and I understand where you’re coming from. I would at least like the opportunity to invest (or not) in it, and in the mean time do my DD!


Synthetic CBD is legal in the UK, France and the rest of Europe i think too.

They going to realise an IPO soon and it would be great to have it on it on day 1

We will offer it on day one.


There should be a coming soon tab so people can see upcoming IPOs on market


I agree, that would be great in-app.

That ‘calendar’ doesn’t have dates. How is it a calendar then lol

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Hi Viktor - any chance you can become a broker option on PrimaryBid so that I can transfer shares to FT once they are allocated - as have had to set up account with another broker just to do this and would rather transfer to FT



Second this!