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So I did something today that I said I wasn’t going to do. I bought more shares in order to buy down :see_no_evil: The good news is that buying just under 9p a share brought my average down by quite a bit (The first shares I bought in at 24p back in February! Since then I’ve bought in at lower prices each time). At 11.5p a share I’m still in the red but I feel a lot better!


I was in the same boat as you so i did the same today with this one and MGC :crossed_fingers::pray::crossed_fingers: good luck


Can this go any lower?? :woman_facepalming:t2: It’s gutting to see it free falling :sob:

How are you all feeling about your holdings or potential buys in this stock?

I am staying strong keep buying small amounts, this one wont show any major changes until after September as by then they should have a product :crossed_fingers:


I have promised myself that I’m not going to sell in the red and I’m in it for the longer term but it’s so disheartening to see that it dosent seem like it’s going to stop going lower! I’m guessing this is a typical newbie reaction!

It will be interesting to see how how I play this one out. I felt like I wouldn’t have a problem holding out and although I’ve wavered a little, I still have no intention of losing money on it (I mean by selling in the red. I know I could still lose out if it’s just one of those businesses that flops!). I can’t imagine how much I’d be sweating if I’d spent thousands lol!:see_no_evil:

To all those with shares, Good luck, stay strong or do whatever you gotta do, it’s all a good learning curve :blush::four_leaf_clover:


This is really positive news for Cellular as Ren has become a big big company.

For some reason the news hasn’t had a positive result in the shares yet :roll_eyes:


Hang on in there.

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This man!