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I’m not giving financial advice here, just an opinion.

OK so this really boils down to whether you think ASOS will recover from the recent drop in shares.

If you do think the price will recover then buying in the current dip could be a good way to make some £££ or reduce and current losses.

The article points to potential reasons for the drop, and gives further analysis.

If I were looking at the prospect of buying the dip, I’d be reading up articles, looking at company fundamentals etc. to make my decision one way or another.

CBG product has most potential

Interested to find out how products will be packaged vs the standard contains x cannabinoid

Anyone see Tilrays investment into Medmen?

Forgot to add there is a chat group for ASOS here Asos (ASC) 👕 🛍 - Share Chat - #43 by PeteL

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Only financial don’t smoke the profits one bit ( well the losses ATM ) :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Great explaining and written as easy as saying it and very good point! Question is do you average down or is it just us Muppets :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Another way of looking at it is, Do I believe in this stock at this price? If yes, buy it and the by-product of this is your average price is now better. It would be a double bonus but in reality your average is higher than the per share price of your last transaction.

I always average down on stocks I trust in long term view but treat it as an individual transaction separate from previous holdings. :+1:


I average down on those stocks that I believe in, i.e. the dip in price is something I believe will correct itself over time, and then when it does I make a tidy profit.

I had a share dealing account with Lloyds several years ago and held stock in RSM, that becomes RSM Tenon. At first all was good, then the price started to drop, I purchased more and more as the price dipped lower and lower thinking it must go up soon.

I had nothing that indicated it would go up, it was just hope… in the end I got out after losing £2,500 of my hard earned money, others stayed in and lost a whole lot more…


I had some football shares in Millwall penny shares but ended up £1500 down! Do I know the feeling! Now just a member of a AGM every year for nothing :sob:


I do believe in market and the 3 cannibis stock I hold bit there must be a limit to what I throw at it as it is long term probably 2025 :thinking:


Being big spender I’m in for about 5quid


fingers crossed you turn that into a £10 soon…


Morning all

New to the forum so apologies if I’m meant to post this elsewhere but the only other Lon:CBX chat I could find started in February and I couldn’t find a way to sort chat within a subject by most recent…

To the point. I just watched CEO Alexis Abraham’s you tube fluff piece on the ‘exciting new deal’ to diversify early into CBG. I have a naturally cynical mind, but here’s what I think I heard:

  • CBD / Skincare launch is delayed to December (pretty sure it was slated for September initially)
  • Diversification into CBG is a recent decision that was originally planned for a year’s time minimum. Reasons for the early jump aren’t clear
  • No ‘traditional’ retail outlets have been identified for the December launch so the tactic has switched (or maybe just solidified) on direct-to-customer.

I was struggling to see any good news in the announcement and the market would seem to agree. I’m a very amateur investor though, so would welcome any alternative analysis or criticism of my cynical view!

Ps. Perhaps worth noting that I bought in (very small) at IPO with these so already know they are a loser or at best a long term risky gamble. I’ve stayed in out of interest and because the level of my investment isn’t important to me, so I’m following as a curiosity.

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Hi nick welcome :+1:t2: definitely a long term gain not heard much apart from products scheduled like you said for December :thinking:

It can all change in a instant like other stocks today in the industry :grin::heart:

I’m not advance in this game but had some wins and losses but it is about starting low and if you are willing to risk could gain bit more important the risks
Don’t bankrupt your life or living! Make sure you are in position to lose that what you invest

My AVG is about 0.770 so little down but it’s a long winded affair for me :+1:t2:


In the mud with this

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Repeated message nick? Are you a spammer or bot :thinking:

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Nah, just someone who doesn’t know his way around forums!
Thanks for your comments. I’m only in it for the fun so won’t have to sell the kids if it all falls apart!
I was just really trying to test if anyone else smelled bad news in the fluff piece that was presumably intended to deflect from the delay to launch of the Skincare range. I was always going to have to stay in for the medium term at least after they lost so much on day one… just a little annoyed that the medium term seems to be getting longer…!

What I would say is, and it’s only an opinion based on very basic research, is that anyone thinking of buying now because the price looks low should consider what this company will actually be (direct to customer Web only sales, diversification into CBG early, product release dates changing, key shareholders offloading stock, competitors catching up) versus what they intended to be at IPO. These are factors that could reduce the likelihood of success, thus increase risk.


Always a long haul for me when Beckham pulls out its definitely going down the pan :rofl::rofl:

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You say that but his involvement hasn’t exactly made it grow :stuck_out_tongue:


I know what you mean! I’ll bet his name dragged in a few casual investors but the fact that they can’t get a physical retail channel suggests that he’s pretty ‘arm’s length’ with the whole thing…!