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No I know that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: tbh it shouldn’t grow just cause of the name :rofl: but if he jumps ship there’s a reason a problem :thinking: 5m quid isn’t to be spared by the Beckham’s haha


True but the problem with people like Beckham is he will bring impatient fans who buy due to name and get bored when he isn’t front and centre. This creates a hype and false price but I do like the company long term but not overly exposed to it.

Also, cannabis stocks get soooo many people who just buy as it seems cool/funny without any DYOR meaning it is an industry/stock that is volatile. So the combination of weed hype and Becks hype is always going to be a bumpy ride :stuck_out_tongue:


Worth toping up

Any help

How do you mean help?

Over 4,000,000 shares were traded yesterday, you can’t move a stock with a few quid.

By help meaning is it worth keep buying

Nobody is going to give you financial advice.

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I will. Stop buying pre profit & pre product cannabis penny stocks.


Is the products still set for December

No-one really knows. We’re hopeful going off their last info, but don’t expect daily updates what the company is doing. Last few months have proven this.
It’s a lottery atm what the outcome of this stock will be. I’m hoping long term it’ll pay off.
Patience is key.

All just an opinion, stick with NeilB for anything more “professional”


Good support at around 6.15p. Third time it’s bounced off that, promising to see.

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Least they have been contact and some news with above :+1:t2:

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Yep, good they’re saying something but it still comes across as evasive (not sure what’s got me so grumpy with this company!).

They’ve not answered the questions outlined in the text at the start, few of which could be seen to be protected by the excuses given a few minutes into the piece about why they aren’t talking much. The question about release of products is important. They did say they’d released their first products in September - that’s on record although they don’t seem to acknowledge that. The fact is that they’re now saying December and investors probably have a right to know what’s holding things up.

The Beckham thing is also ignored. All sensible investors probably know that the man himself had, and will have, no visibility in these products (if he was they’d be in retail stores in a flash) so why not come out and say it.

Just gripes I guess, but it annoys me that they’re being so evasive. Very difficult to know or believe their strategy going forward.

Theres nothing happening with this company , have a look st MGC the news over the last week is just fantastic they are really going places and their shares are still only 3.3p :flushed:

If you believe in this product do your research on MGC they dont have a David Beckham but they have products :+1:

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Share price isn’t important the value of the company (Market Cap) matter more. There are simply more shares in circulation for £MXC

£CBX = £30.537m
£MXC = £82.725M


Yes you are right but if your into this for the longterm my big money is on MGC , i do have shares in Cellular & Kanabo but i just see more activity in MGC

Each to their own and the best of luck because we all need that as well :pray::crossed_fingers:


Snap. Biggest was in MGC followed by Kanabo then Cellular. Three decent “bets” but MGC is my baby to rocket


Any good reason cellular is bombing ? Worth sticking with until the December launch or is there something I’ve missed . Any info would be appreciated. Ta

Hi @Wakey67 I think it’s just doing the rounds haven’t heard anything! I’ll be sticking around regardless :joy: