Cellular Goods - £CBX - Share Chat

Any idea on start price?

The offer price is 5p

I hope freetrade go live in the morning. I’ve got it on my watch list and I will be waiting for 8-30.

Meant to be 5p

Is it going to be live for market open at 8am?


It was 5p in the primarybid IPO but I doubt it will be 5p when it opens to retail.

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Yeah I’m thinking it’ll be 15p plus - timing this one will be tricky

Not currently live on FT and I’m seeing elsewhere that it’s already over 20p

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Yeah it’s still “coming soon” for me too - where are you seeing that it’s 20p?

We’re standing by for pricing to come through, any moment now we hope.

Let you know ASAP.


There is a telegram group - people paying 25p. Madness

Bugger was wanting to get this early :disappointed:


How long?!?!

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Blimey, although I ended up paying 44p a share for Kanabo and look at that now

This boats already sailed…

£20p a share

Well it doesnt look like the ticker is moving at all

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Read the information from the company. I doubt its 20p a share and I doubt many other providers have it trading. Chill


I don’t think it’s on HL yet