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Facebook and Twitter posts tonight. Gearing up for launch.

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Just don’t rush to sell off! Have the long game in mind if it’s going to the moon :new_moon_with_face::rocket::fist:



Pop up ad in the Guardian.
Due to my search history obviously, but may indicate a promotional drive.


Wondering if they’ll use influencers to promote their products when released. Could be a good move for the skin care line given the popularity of CBD products.

Black Friday sale is on!! Topped up another 3.4K shares

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Nice little dip below 10p. Only bagged 700 myself but it all counts!

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I’m new to this and only opened my account last week, this one really caught my eye so I’ve started with 2000, is it expected to do well ?

Id do a lot of reading on the company and look at its history as well as the predictions from a lot of different analysts. Make sure you understand the product too! Personally I’m betting this will go a long way, but always do your own research :relaxed:


Thanks Chris, have been looking online and I’m confident about this one, product launch very soon and lots more in the future, looks very promising.

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Good culture behind the brand awareness looks good, they have an impressive client list.


Always difficult to tell what the real story is with these CG press releases. It’s always between the lines. Based on past performance it would be possible to guess that “building to a full omni-channel launch at the start of February 2022” is a clue to some sort of delay to what was initially envisaged for December (and for September before that). Maybe limited marketing channels suggests limited supply at this point, or distribution constraints? Only guessing of course (and from my stated sceptical position).

The good news is that they do seem to be committed to some sort of launch in Dec, with some tangible products. It would be difficult to just delay again at this point. Today’s dip reflects the wider market so I doubt there’s a smoking gun behind it.