Cellular Goods - £CBX - Share Chat

Yep looks like this product could be destined to the crap heap of history.

Bad start for this company. Only winners mentioned at IPO. Buying back at 1p as they are surely heading that way.

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This share keeps heading south they will end up in the south pole :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Pretty shocking stuff isn’t it. I bailed with my main investment in this bunch a while ago (at a considerable % loss) but kept £100 in out of interest.
I do wonder where it’s headed. Do they actually ‘own’ anything worth anyone bidding for if they’re looking for an exit (buyout)? I thought I read that they had cash reserves but it’s not clear what they own either equipment, property or IP wise.
The only thing that could save it would be surprisingly good sales figures I guess, but that seems unlikely given the withdrawal of a key product and their reluctance to give out any figures…!

The problem is there price most people can’t afford £100 on a face cream