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I sold CBX at a loss a few months back at around 6p. There were a few people on here saying it was a mistake (you know who you are!) but I just couldn’t see them turning things around and was/am exasperated by the management, the evasive public announcements and the apparent lack of strategy. That’s personal opinion of course, but the stats don’t lie.

Anyway, I sold up, lost about £800 or so, but obviously that would have been a lot worse now. I’m in now for a hundred quid as I find them an interesting share and I enjoy this forum! I figured it would be weird to keep this level of interest and not have any money at stake, right?!

This thread makes an interesting read if you’re wondering what to do now. Some people have said ‘stick around’ at virtually every price, from 20p to 2p. I have to say that there seem to be fewer people thinking it’s worth getting out at this stage. There could be a consensus that 1.5p is pretty much the lowest it would go and from there it’s either upwards or bust.

Personally, I think it’s bottomed out (ish) and that the current strategy of partnering up and selling on Amazon is so un-ambitious and low risk that insolvency is unlikely. They still have cash reserves left too. Sales are low though, so I’d be surprised if growth was stellar. I can’t honestly see a basis on which they could reach 4p in the next six months, but people with more time and sense have said so, so who am I to question it. On which note, stick the normal caveats here that I haven’t done much research and am by no means knowledgeable about this sort of thing. It’s all opinion, mostly based on Google.

Should you sell out now? My view would be only if you have something better to invest in (sounds like you do) or really think CBX will go bust (guesswork for most of us).

Another way to look at it is to see your investment for what it’s worth in cash, right now, because that is what you’re really holding. It’s not a lump of stock that’s lost you money; it’s a pile of money. If someone gave you that money to invest right now, would you put it in CBX?

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No. :smirk:

But I’m letting my ‘free’ money ride on it as I bought at the IPO price, cashed in enough shares at the beginning to make my money back plus £100 or so, and I’m letting the rest see where they go.

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CBX will probably never recover back beyond 3p. It was always going to be a high risk and bad risk in my opinion. Early starter and I doubt bill see a return before the decade is out. I sound morbid, well yeah it’s gone down and down since ipo. Balanced at This price 0.16 and will remain for very long time

Decent distraction technique but this ban has been in place for years and the CBX crack marketing team just didn’t realise it until it was too late…

Here is a petition for facebook etc to change the “no CBD” mess.

Got an email as previous bought stuff