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I have just over 1000 shares average price .0412 so still in the red too but I’m in for the long haul just to see how it goes! This was never a big investment for me just a bit of a fun ride

Hi rebecca i think you shoup hold these i brought 1000 for 12 pound 4 days ago now its worth 25 i have been eyeing uo this stock for over a yr they will try shake out the weak so buy for lower as this is long term 4-8yrs time we could all be laughing ive seen this rise from 7p to 10 so seems all normal dont be upset if you buy here an it drops 60 percent as that looks realistic stick with it an im sure you will get payed for you patience :grinning:

It is legal the problem is that advertisement on big platform’s like facebook an twitter was an is banned which woupd make an invester look else where which is qhy ghe rise is strange mayhe they know something we dont an they all have just hot in at 2p waiting till 1 for idiotts to get out they buy more then off to the moon we go


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Well that was short lived


But what a ride

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I sold ages ago!

Anyone think its worth investing in now? Think there will be much more movement?

Not point selling and then reinvestment
If you made money on recent sale? My AVG is still high and no where near the recent jumped up levels :man_facepalming:

Same here, managed to bring avg down by buying more at the lowest points but still…

I have 9800 shares av 0.035 I used to play ten quid here n there on the slots but starting buying these shares instead last year. First bought in at .078. But bought a good few recently at the lowest. It’s money I would of spent anyway, and I’m in it for long haul or bust :joy: anyone got any tips where I can start putting my tenners into next?

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Maybe not in here :rofl: but depends what you believe in with this company and Similar ones in industry :thinking: do you have a GIA or ISA
I’ve got some decent ones
Feel free to pm :+1:t2:

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Hey Lenny :wave: thanks for replying. No I think I’ve put as much as I want to in this lol, I’m risky, but not that risky. I don’t have any any other form of stocks or shares, I am a complete newbie at this! I don’t expect to become rich, it just seemed a better gamble than a slot machine :joy::joy: It’s all quite exciting though. Thanks again, I don’t know how to message though, this was my first comment, I can’t see how to PM :woman_facepalming:t3:


Up 20% today at time of typing, sadly 20% of not very much isn’t very much :rage:

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It’s better than being in a lot of and 70% down :+1:t2:


Put it into gold or silver ether bought at scrap price or proper gold shares. If youre going to spend the money anyways it’s definitely worth it.

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Why the brief up blip now as in March and last November?