Change of email address - logged out of freetrade


I had emailed with the details required to change the email address on my freetrade account. This was done on Sunday, 17th Oct and I was told that they will revert within 3 working days. I haven’t received any confirmation of this change. Today is 22nd Oct and when I try to access the freetrade app, I have been logged out and when I try to sign-in its looking to re-register by asking all the details it did while setting up the account! I tried using the existing email address and the new email address (which I had asked freetrade to change to), and my account is getting recognised by neither!! On both occasions its looking to register me as a new user (I haven’t completed the registration as I fear it’ll override my current account).

Been chasing freetrade this week and received no satisfactory response.

I sent the query to and some representative there is saying that they cannot find my account with the old or the new email address! I gave them all the details including the freetrade user # as well. This is shocking. I have shares in my account that I cannot access! HELP needed.

Anyone faced this issue and knows what needs to be done here? Thanks.

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This sounds like some this that’s either @Alex_B or @Gemhappe or @mynameisgeraint might be able to take a look at. This isn’t anything I’ve seen happen before on here🤔

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Thanks @NeilB for the tags. @Alex_B or @Gemhappe or @mynameisgeraint - could either of you please look into this?

I tried uninstall and reinstall of the freetrade app as well and when I tried using the email address I first registered with to sign-in, it took me through the entire re-registration process from setting a PIN, first name, last name, NI, etc and for hours now the app is stuck up on the

screen attached.




This is a fairly common issue if you search the phrase “creating profile”. Usual advice is clear the app cache, reinstall the app or try another device. Although if they can’t find your account that might be another problem.

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The email to has messed things up. Not only has anyone not bothered to respond whether the email address change request that I did was complete or not, now the rep at says no account exists with either of the email addresses! They do assign a User Id to each freetrade account which should be unique to me which I have also given them to search. Yet to hear back from them. Frustrating that its been a week for such a trivial thing and the customer service which usually responds quickly has been appalling!

I am looking for the people tagged on this thread to sort this out for me as I have a decent amount of shares in my portfolio that I haven’t had access for the whole week and it seems pointless to chase their customer service.

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Ignore my flag - I’ve brought it to the mods attention so hopefully someone can help you out.

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Ignore the flag - bring it to attention so hopefully a mod can help out.

Email address change was done and able to login finally! All sorted for now.