Changing apps on IOS breaks Freetrade

Hi, I’m on iPhone Xs, iOS version 13.5.1.

I’ve noticed over the past year that quite often if I swipe to different apps or lock my iPhone then return to the Freetrade app after say 30 minutes or longer I often get the pink background and no data returned. I’m forced to close the app and re-open it, for the already converted its no issue to me but for new users I could see them quickly getting frustrated and assuming the app is broken.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for flagging this issue. Let me chat with a couple of people here and see how we can get this fixed.


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Have had the same issue multiple times

try reinstalling the app maybe? I switch between FT, notes, and Hargreaves lansdown a lot during trades with no issue, on iPhone X / multiple versions up to 13.6.

That suggests a problem with resuming the app, or slow internet/ slow wifi