Changing bank account details

How do I go about changing my bank account details

You would need to contact support in the app
They have a very large backlog of queries due to huge number of new users so it may take a while to reply to your request.

Yes that would be good if I had a clue how to get into this in-app everyone speaks about

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  1. log in
  2. look at the top right hand side corner. See that little icon with a stylized person? Tap on it
  3. Scroll down
  4. Tap Chat with us or something similar



It actually isn’t easy to find where to type. I can’t see it on mine. You might be better going here Trying to Contact - #9 by J4ipod94 clicking on Meghan’s picture and then Message.

Wait until Monday. You can’t make a new support message at the weekend last week and this week to allow them to catch up with the volume of requests.

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