Changing Linked Bank

How do I go about changing my linked bank account? As I moved my primary account elsewhere and I can’t topup nor withdraw.

  • I maxed out my Apple Pay limit in a week lol

You can email


Thanks, i was waiting over 8 days for the team to get back to me in-app so this will help a bunch :relaxed:

How do you update your bank/card details in App. I have searched everywhere in App and can not find how to “Update Details Button”


That help page isn’t that clear
You first need to click the person icon in the top right.
Scroll down till you see “Manage your ISA” or Plus
Tap on that and then you will be able to update your payment method.

This is unrelated to your linked bank account which can only be changed manually by the team so I’d continue to wait for a response.


Thank you

I hope they get back to you soon. They’re still struggling with huge backlogs of queries from new users

My issue is now being resolved so I’ll share how, for those who also need to change over their linked bank.

  1. Contact and request a bank change, this email is their dedicated one for account details.

  2. Submit the bank statement they require for the account you want to link and wait for the changeover to be completed.

This is what I’ve done and I’m currently just waiting for my new bank to be linked.

(Note I waited 9 days for an in-app reply but the email was replied within 24 hours so it is a faster support process).