Changing my personal site...thoughts

I have a personal site…here it’s very much tailored to being a hobbyist developer.

Thinking of changing it to track my portfolio, writing posts about why i picked the stock / my thoughts on world events etc etc…

What would you guys like to see? What things would keep you coming back to the site?


Pretty much as you said - why you picked a stock and how it is performing.

It is good to see how other people think when trading.

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Seconded on this :point_up_2:

I guess it would be nice to read your overall approach and then short, medium & long term goals

As an avid rookie cyclist/investor I too would enjoy reading about your analyses.

wooo for the cyclist! If your south west london we can get a ride in

In Wales unfortunately. Good luck if you do do Dragon Ride. It’s a killer no matter which route you do.

lol skipping that one. Doing this instead.

Just added a little post…more to come

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Nice website and content, mate. Looks good!

As others have said, I like seeing people’s rationale for investing, what their strategy is and also reasons for selling if they do.

A consistent series eg weekly or monthly movers and shakers.

I really like your simple design.

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I like that idea!! I want to do a quarter report like a proper earnings report haha.

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Added some more posts, can people give me some feedback…is this the type of stuff you want to be reading?

yes, definitely :+1:, good content, it’s easy to read…

and I like to read about the different stocks people hold.

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