🐼 Cheeky Panda crowdfunding

I was inspired by the toilet paper companies thread.

This is a crowdfunding I missed to my disappointment.

I’m looking at B Corp firms in the UK and they came up https://bcorporation.uk/directory/the-cheeky-panda

The Cheeky Panda® is an example of the innovative disruptor concept – taking the world’s fastest growing plant Bamboo and turning it into tissue. They provide a truly sustainable alternative to one of the biggest environmental concerns of the present-day deforestation.

Any current investors on mailing lists etc. know if they are planning to have another go at crowdfunding?

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Well the founder updated few days ago a new round of crowdfunding will be happening soon , will have more details soon


Keep me posted please and thank you. :panda_face:


Will definitely do


I heard from a friend they were doing pre-registration for crowdfunding. She was in a rush, but I’ll get the link later.

Never a better time to crowdfund for a toilet paper startup!

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Thank you Alex.

It’s not just Freetrade reporting high user numbers!

The Cheeky Panda has a Valuation (pre-money) of £52,649,748 :open_mouth: Surely we have all bought enough toilet roll to last the year decade.


Cheeky Panda now open in Seedrs in Private mode. I think it is full EIS eligible as well.

Any opinions?

oo can you share the link please? :poop:

There you go


Staff are not getting share options? https://www.seedrs.com/cheekypanda/sections/team

It makes you think how good Freetrade is to staff.