Chi-Med - Stock Issues in Freetrade

Hi All,

Has anyone had issue with buying Chi-Med Stock

My buy price no matter what the rate is £3.50
My sale price no matter what the rate is £3.32

My buy estimate is 3.32 when this is the rate of the current market
My sale estimate is 3.50 when this is the rate of the current market

This is 18p loss per trade in buying and selling that £18 on every £100 trade

This is an error i belive with this stock and not the standard responce from freetrade

The live price you see in the app is indicative. It’s taken from the market and reflects the ‘mid price’ of the stock. This is similar to the difference between the FX rate you might see on the news and the rate you can get if you go to buy the currency at a bureau de change. Stocks are rarely actually bought and sold at the mid price, unless you are trading extremely large quantities. When executing your order, we take quotes from multiple sources to ensure that we get the best price possible for you.

When you put down the amount of cash you’d like to use for the trade, the amount of shares is indicative based on the data at the time. The amount of shares that you receive after it is executed can vary depending on the amount per share the market makers are offering at the time.

You can also read our execution best execution policy here

Just traded this to test it for you.
I’m not seeing that issue.
You got unlucky.
FT now shows “last trade” as about 3.32… so prices it based on that.
The spread is genuinely about 330-350
But with price improvements it looks more like 331-340
I just traded at 3.40
OK, higher than FT “quote”. But the quote is a last trade and does not denote buy/sell.
So, no problem here… just the usual “be aware of the spread” and “be aware of Freetrades quotation being “last trade””

Price prediction for HCM …

Shortly - if my 3.40 trade becomes the latest “last” price you’ll see Freetrade price move to 3.40
Timing and luck
Be aware of spreads. You’ll be OK.
Writings about the subject are ALL across this forum as everyone gets a little caught out and confused by it!


Now my trade is the ‘last trade’ FT price moves to 3.40

But real world spread is 331 to Sell 340 to Buy