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Chipotle is delishious both as food and as a stock!

Please add #stock-requests Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.

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This company fits my e-commerce thesis. It was going to be ravaged by Covid-19, and then it bumped hourly employee salary by 10% and gave out bonuses - and most importantly, it went full on digital.

From this CNBC article:

81% digital sales growth for the quarter, 100% in March alone, and online orders doubled.

Mad how expensive U.S. stocks are. Almost a grand! It would’ve been nice to get that recent $500 price point.

I plan to dip my toe with a fractional share today.

Anyone thinks the price is too high?

So far, so good! I’m slightly up.

The next earnings release is expected on 22 July, 2020.

An interesting aspect of Chipotle is that it’s been through it’s own version of Covid, the norovirus cases of late 2015.

The revenues took a hit then, see the 2016 figures:


It’s encouraging that the company was still not at its 2015 revenue level in 2019. To me that shows potential.

Do your own research of course!