🎄 Christmas Wishlist 2020 🎄

Isn’t that money weighted return?

Is it possible to ask for US ETFs?

Stake offers that if you have more than 30K in your portfolio and can get an investor accreditation…

Could we include this as well please?

Edit: adding some crying emojis :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


If anyone taps on their Portfolio Performance ribbon within the Insights tab you can see a glimpse of the upcoming update letting you select the time frame. It’s in the top right for about a millisecond.


My millisecond seems to be eternal, it’s a functioning feature on my screen! :grin:

And TWRR incl benchmark - earlier than expected, thanks Freetrade!

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Isn’t that what the “Up by” figure already shows? I know exactly how much I’ve put in my ISA, and the gain shown on the graph is the difference between the current value and what I’ve put in. Isn’t that what you are asking for?

I’m looking for the total up or down on my total holdings so just the capital growth amount excluding deposits or withdrawals. My understanding from the Freetrade app help pages is that the up down on the graph includes the cash deposits and withdrawals.

Nice! are you on the Beta user list? Are you able to share screenshots?

No and yes:


Interesting, I don’t have that at all. Hopefully soon :smile:

The number on my graph doesn’t include deposits, although they show on the actual graph. The number is exactly current total value - deposits.

So it’s purely the gain

I think what Rebekah means is she’d like that number plotted as a graph which I think would be a good easy way to keep track of portfolio performance

gimme gimme gimme!

Are you on iOS or android?


I can’t be the only one?!
Anyway, it’s already 2 items from the Christmas List ticked off

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I updated the app yesterday and nothing. So I’m guessing they must be doing a slow release. Fingers crossed I get it soon though :crossed_fingers:

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We’ve started the rollout of time-weighted rate of return so this should be with you within a week or so. :partying_face:


Cheers @jani, just being impatient (as per).

Loving the quick turn around on the Christmas list tho :freetrade::christmas_tree:

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Can you roll it out to me now specifically? :smile:

Unreasonably demanding customer


You forgot to threaten to join another broker if they can’t. :joy:


I don’t understand why the charts are not freely available for everyone… You have Free in your company name.

Honestly, I am fed up with this and I will now transfer my portfolio to trade CFDs.