🎄 Christmas Wishlist 2020 🎄

I didn’t get the TWRR either but uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it was there :slight_smile: same for MWRR

I like the TWRR but mine has been a bit ruined by initial £5 I invested (badly) early doors :cry:


Given its weighted… you can’t have invested much more than £5 since?

TWRR (in the graph shown above) removes all deposits I think. So if they deposited £5 and it dropped 90%, then deposited £500 and it since grew 10%, you’d still only see the graph move upwards slightly.

I’ve added quite a bit more since, there’s more to the graph but that first couple months was poor looking at time weighted, even though it hasn’t affected money return much cos I didn’t have a lot invested

I guess that’s why it’s useful to use both insights

The fundamentals update is great progress, all it needs now is fixing when you slide on the chart that it doesn’t lag, also the descriptions of the stocks isnt professional like “chinese tesla”, it kinda stops me from taking this seriously. Some ideas for plus are providing a debit card abit like robinhood in the US, auto invest, exclusive articles about news of stocks, no fx fees and maybe lower the price to 5.99 to make it more compelling as your competition does some of the features for free like isa’s and stop losses


I still don’t have any of the new updates either :frowning:

Any ideas when this will roll out to all users?

Hey @jamz, welcome to the forum, and thanks for the feedback and ideas!

We will always continue to improve charts and data, so watch this space.

In terms of the stock descriptions. We take everything at Freetrade extremely seriously, which is why we’re FCA regulated, FSCS protected and a member of the LSE. Many of the team, including myself, have been studying for financial exams, too, to increase our understanding of the sector.

However, we don’t think investing should be boring — because as I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s actually super interesting.

That’s why you’ll see some fun stock descriptions such as the one you mention. For NIO, yes, we could have put ‘electric cars’ but we think ‘Chinese Tesla’ is a more interesting way to describe the company, especially as many people may be discovering the stock for the first time on the app.

Keep sharing your feedback, and hope you’re enjoying your app!


Awesome to hear that you (and the team) are willing to study financial exams to increase knowledge :rocket::fire::woman_student::man_student:

Loving the updates so far


Personally, I like the fun stock descriptions. It would be boring if I had to scroll through 50 different things in one sector that all have the same descriptions. So things like Hipster eBay are fun to see.


Some people are just not very fun to be around at parties…

Always good to see people suggesting dropping the price. I just picture the FT team going “gosh, that’s innovative, fresh and a brand new take on the problem, why didn’t we think of that?”

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This a thousand times over. As someone who regularly trawls through hundreds of stocks in search of ideas, it’s crazy how mundane and uninformative the descriptions can be. Sometimes i’ll miss a great company because the description is mumbo jumbo/jargon - i.e. wasn’t informative or to the point (‘wait, X company make/own Y product? I use it all the time! i’d have looked at the stock more when i first saw it Z months ago if only the description had said so’) .

My point being that the freetrade descriptions aren’t *just playful, but are informative and to the point.

e.g. From Yahoo Finance: "Lions Gate Entertainment Corp is a filmed entertainment studio with a presence in motion pictures, television programming, home entertainment, and digitally delivered content. "

From Freetrade: “The Hunger Games”

Similarly, Yahoo Finance’s Berkshire Hathaway description doesn’t include the words ‘Warren Buffett’.

In a fraction as many words, FT communicated to me that Lions Gate is an entertainment/motion picture company, in a manner (pop culture reference) most can relate to - that’s all I need to know to kick things off really, and the deep dive research can start from there.


Interestingly LGFA just says “entertainment” and both have different about sections :man_shrugging:

I’ve just seen the new MWRR and TWRR graphs, and came here to say thanks so much for both. This is what I’ve wanted to see since investing in freetrade.

IMO something like the time weighted graph set to 5 years at least should be what we see on the home page of the app, it would be far more informative and also encourage us to invest for the long term. After regularly investing for about a year my home page graph just isn’t very useful and I think with time it’ll just be up and to the right, which is pleasing but misleading.

Great work and thanks for this feature - I personally think both these graphs will deserve far more prominence in the app over time.


Just got the TWRR on my app, if you uninstall and reinstall the app it seems to add it then that’s what I did.

Really love the feature especially with the benchmark it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I agree with the post above me though, I feel like the TWRR graph should be the most prominent graph and maybe put onto the portfolio page or if we could be given the option of which to see on the portfolio page would be nice.

Either way really happy with the feature and I’m sure you’re not done with graphs and insights so I’ll expect future developments to come through in this area.


I actually discovered Nio because it was described as the Chinese tesla. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be 200% up on my investment :wink:


Can you perhaps add pre market prices for stocks, please? :thinking::cry::innocent:

You mean out of hours trading?

I hope we are talking about the same thing. Some platforms display how a share price will open when trading begins.

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