CIFAS victim markers


What happens of there are CIFAS victim markers against your name.

I reported a unknown transaction on a bank account with bank A. The fraud department blocked my whole account.

They asked me to go in branch with ID, which I did. Because I had to sit with a staff member last week to call the fraud department to get the account unlocked, I was unsuccessful in getting the account unlocked. This was mostly due to the number being backed up with calls being bank holiday weekend, this didn’t connect. I sat there for an hour and 25 mins.

Back to square one then

I notice I tried to apply for another account with let’s say Bank B, last week and they sent a letter saying they think someone who wasn’t me applied for an account in my name.

I know applying for an account while another account in your name blocked while investigation of a unknown/suspicious transaction is wing carried out isn’t the best idea. Lesson learnt.

Let’s just say I’m getting up early and wi be visiting both with ID and tax forms, bank statements etc to get this problem cleared up, on well on the way to being cleared up.

Let’s just say I suspect there are as many as at least 2 CIFAS victim markers on my account.

Of course the DSAR request to CIFAS has been submitted, just to be sure.

If there are CIFAS victim markers (and nothing else) how do brokers (incl FreeTrade) respond.

I don’t know the answer to any of this. But in the space of 3 days last month I got letters from Halifax, a finance company (I forget the name) and The first two telling me they’d blocked orders/accounts in my name - including a £10k timepiece! (or “watch” as it’s called unless you’re a proper prick :wink:). The latter (Very) asked me if all the stuff (£2k worth) had been delivered!!! Scary stuff. CIFAS has stopped it thus far I think. Nothing to do with your query (sorry!) but thought I’d share just so people keep their wits about them….

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Haha let’s just say I put in a complaint against bank A

I called them to report a suspicious transaction. I then sit with a member of their staff in branch for an hour and 25 minutes.

I called back on the next working day (Tuesday) and this call took 1 25 minutes. I told the staff member on the phone that I had my passport scanned in and then waited on the call, which did not connect, due to the bank holiday weekend.

I also felt aggrieved that while waiting in the queue that the messaging was getting people to hang up and do it online.

That would be ok, if online worked.

I made sure to mention I have worked and still do in both telephone customer service, complaints handling within the UK financial services industry and also hold shares in this company. Let’s just say I made every attempt to flaunt all of those points.

Let’s just say all of those points will get flaunted verbally tomorrow.

As I work in financial services myself I do appreciate these rules are there to protect the customer, sure, i get it.

What I don’t like the wait for getting through to someone, and also the fact they are constantly pushing towards the “do it online” thing. But that didn’t work for starters, and you can’t realistically communicate with the fraud department via this means anyway.

On a side note, I have never signed on the unemployment benefits since 2014. Was known as jobcentre allowance back then. I found towaored the end of it they incessantly pushed you towards “do it online” whole waiting in the queue for the telephone line, when some of the enquiries one might have could not realistically be resolved online, even if the individual involved has a basic knowledge of technology and the internet.

Rant over

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If nothing else it’s nice to know that it can happen to the best of us.

For this reason I recommend (not a financial advisor) to have a Banking Trinity.

Banking Trinity = at least 3 current accounts.


If for any reason a problem at one bank, you in theory have 2 others that you can use.

It doesn’t always have to be this scenario.

Many Canadian banks had system outages a few months ago, simultaneously.

And only last week a UK building society had a service outage.


This is good advise!!! A couple years ago I had to pick my car up from a MOT just before closing on a Friday for a weekend away. My visa debit did not work and looked like I didn’t have money to pay for it.

Turns out it was VISA that was down and it was by luck they trusted me to come back and pay later as I would of missed my weekend away without getting my keys off them.

Since then I have always had 3 banks and card from both VISA and Mastercard so this never happens again :+1:

Glad you like it :grinning::+1:

On other notes I have been to both Banks A and B today. That’s 2 hours or my life I’ll never get back but I have submitted ID to both and both accounts are unlocked.

Of course I’ll await the DSAR from CIFAS. I suspect there may be at least one victim markers on that, maybe 2, but I’ll have to wait and see.

I wouldn’t have … :eyes:

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