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It’s never been anywhere near $30bn. That would be over $49 a share for the common

I based it off the formula I got from a YouTube video breaking down the SPAC and merger. The formula given was CIIC Market Cap / 0.04 ( % of Arrival for CIIC shareholders ).

Based on that, using market cap on Google, and $36 point something a share makes it $29 point something billion…

How did you arrive at $49 a share for $30bn?

The market cap at $10/share is roughly $6bn, you can use that to estimate market cap at any other price, at $25/share market cap will be roughly 15bn

Looking at the outstanding shares on merger shows you and @James101 are correct

606.179 million shares x $49.491 = $30bn

So the other day it was around $22bn.

Sorry, my bad :man_facepalming:


Arrival looks very strong, the hype might be justified on this one

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I agree. I kind of cringed when some people on forums who got in early were selling out on the first dip in the low 20s or 19s. Sure they made a quick flip, but I don’t think they quite realised the quality of the asset they were disposing of, for what, $12bn? Might regret that sale in years to come.

“This model can be as scalable as McDonald’s or Starbucks.” I’ll take that.

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Thanks for posting this. Inspiring more confidence. Have been waiting for it to dip below $25 to scoop some more up, but looking like it will remain around $30 for now.

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CIIG Merger Corp. Announces Filing of a Registration Statement on Form F-4 by Arrival Group in Connection With Its Proposed Business Combination With Arrival S.à r.l. | Business Wire.

Can someone please explain to me the last paragraph. Is this a guarantee or is this solely a ¨what if¨ scenario, I am slightly confused and if so, where would that leave us retail investors based in the UK EEA?



Looking into this with some scepticism. In 2017, Arrival announced a trial with Royal Mail with three vehicles in London. Has anyone ever seen those on the road and is there soem result? I could only find a conference video from 2018 but nothing else besides the publicity video. There was also a presentation of the van A R R I V A L 1st look - is this Britain's Rivian? | FULLY CHARGED for Electric Vehicles. - YouTube but it does not show the car actually moving so I am a bit weary that it is similar to Nikola. Anything that culd make me more positive?

@Safe, it’s defo not smoke and mirrors a la Nikola. I have a good friend that has been working on their public transit concepts for over 18 months and they have working prototypes. They’re a very exciting company.


They have working prototypes. Also an important factor to determine their ‘serious’ intent is the fact they are based in Banbury.
Within short distance of several proving grounds, automotive suppliers and engineering services.

If this was a London based company that thinks of itself as a ‘tech company’ I would have stayed well clear of this but based on their approach and the people they have hired / poached I am very optimistic about the company.

Being optimistic about the SP is a completely different matter so don’t regard this as a buy or sell recommendation, just and observation.


Cool. Any chance you can get some information about the royal mail trial? From what I see, RM has chosen Mercedes-Benz eVito and Peugeot Partner, as well as a back cab conversion, rather than Arrival. What happened to that contract? The cabs seem to have the same size. If Royal Mail does not take them up, why would UPS and other clients go forward?


The future, soon come.


Does anybody know when CIIC will become Arrival? or approx timelines?
Looks an interesting company to invest long term…

Not sure exact dates but I think it’s expected to go through Q1 2021

Thanks, seems like a good opportunity but risky to buy SPAC at the moment.

I agree looks a great company. I’ve topped up a bit on the dips recently