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Holding a small amount in this (30 shares) and it’s the only thing in my portfolio in the green today.


Looking good over the past few days. My investments in Cineworld & National Express both looking healthy with the roadmap out of lockdown announcement


Cineworld is doing great. Up 6% today alone. I don’t know what’s happening to National Express though, it has lost all the gains I made from Monday’s announcement. Should have gone all in on Cineworld!

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National Express been slowly climbing for the past 6 months. Still a way to go before it recovers to pre-Covid norms, same as Cineworld. Worth a punt for the longhaul

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Your profile pic is making my eyes go funny :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

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3D glasses required :sunglasses:

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prices for the cineworld stocks gone up around 6p + in the last day so looking good , my average price per share is £1.01 and now that they are up at £1.0450 profit is continuing to rise, hoping for these prices continue increasing in price…

I’ll admit I’m in at 80 pence but have a sell trigger soon as it reaches £1.60.

The long term outlook for cinema’s isn’t great IMO. Although I can see a future where Amazon / Netflix and the like have a few theatres, the current players will be out the picture…

I want more of these but do I want to go in at 105p when I got my first lot at 91p. It’s hard to work out how valuable this stock should actually be right now.

I expect cinemas to recover well but reopening them is just one part of the puzzle. They need big films to show and people to have the confidence to sit in a room full of strangers.

i think these shares will go up to about 130…

Up 7% today and I finally have the cash to buy more. Surely a dip is coming though. Stocks don’t just keep on going up.

Unsure where this is going have approx 150 share at 0.80p.

I’m potentially fairly long on this. I feel like all the negative sentiment is around the default “streaming has killed cinemas” argument, when a cursory look at the data shows that cinemagoing levels are still pretty healthy.

They might not be around in 10+ years, at least not in their current form, but for the next few years I don’t think the culture will shift away from cinemas as much as people think it will.

The only thing I’m undecided on is whether to sell at the inevitable spike when cinemas announce their reopening, or wait until the first big blockbusters are released. Not sure which will be the biggest pop :thinking:

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I mean it did drop twice to 0.20p over the last year and has spent a long time under £1, so it’s hardly parabolic. I would say any pullbacks will be looking to closes the gaps in the chart. There’s one created this morning and one at 0.90 we might see filled when earnings come out next week, as it’s not going to be pretty and might cause a intial selloff from weak hands


That’s a good point. I could totally see a dip when the earnings report is released. Might be the time to buy more. Or it could rise another 20% by then for all we know before falling back to still higher than today. Can’t really time the market can we.

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I’m holding mine until September and maybe add more if price drops a bit. Think there will be an appetite for cinema late this year with lockdown nostalgia kicking in. Also release schedule is busy then and earnings will be up. Personally think cinema business will amalgamate and we will be left with one big cinema per city rather than lots occupying a packed market.


anyone have an idea at what price they will be by the end of the year or at least an idea?:sweat_smile:

Finger in the air at this point. They are carrying. Lot of debt but the new executive bonus structure should focus minds on increasing share price. Just be mindful that if shares reach a certain price new shares will be created which will likely dilute the share price more. I don’t think anyone will get rich from cinema share unless you bought them when they were 30p best case scenario will be 380 a share but I doubt it will be this year more likely be 2022/2023


Should be more upside even at the current price though over the next few years

Good run of films for the next year
Take this upside to improve the quality of the balance sheet
Close out cinemark case
Deliver regal cineworld efficiencies
Close poor performing venues
Reintroduce capex some delayed due to covid
Most importantly Sell lots of popcorn :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
Resume dividends


Only started trading on 19th Jan probably seen this a month later at 77/85p ended up buying other week at £1.08p :see_no_evil: did shoot up but now 3.5% down! Don’t believe in selling at a loss, results was bad like expected! But reckon there is room for more buying? Obviously when dip happens? Can we expect one? Currently have 347 shares :expressionless: