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But who decided “too late”? We have after all just came through a Global Pandemic that has lasted almost 3 years,so why would creditors/debtors not just show a bit of patience,compassion and understanding for the shareholders and extend the debt repayments for a few more years? This company did not need to go into administration as it is CURRENTLY bringing in more money than it needs to continue as a going concern.
Crooky Mooky has screw over shareholders and walked away with £35 million which is absolutely Immoral,why is that money not going to the shareholders who he should have been representing during the Chapter 11

That is the exact point,so glad that you are in agreement,the valuation was taken over a few months outwith a full recovery.
I would also point out that Mookey Gredinger was supposed to represent shareholders interests and done nothing but. He did accept a little kickback of £35 million. Let’s take him to court and grab a slice of that £35 million for shareholders!

Presumably one of their creditors decided enough was enough and therefore time is up - as long as that is in line with the credit arrangement that the creditor offered to CW then they can call it in and if CW can’t pay from cash or new borrowing then they have to call in administrators. You’re not allowed to trade insolvently!

I’m surprised that you think there is any case to answer. Certainly not from CW, perhaps from the CEO but that is probably clutching at straws.


Nothing to lose exploring all avenues,stranger things have happened :pray:

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That’s true, some very strange things have happened. I once heard about a guy who invested £8,000 in a company destined for bankruptcy!


Your choice but it isn’t nothing to lose - it is your time, your emotions etc from “false” hope. Even if you succeed then how much do you lose to the no win, no fee lawyers?

Can anyone explain their rationale for investing?

I can understand it as a short-term trade during Covid to try to catch the bounce but I don’t get why anyone would invest long-term.

A glance at the balance sheet was enough to put me off, nevermind the Blockbuster-style headwinds.


I was hoping for the covid bounce tbh …long term I can only hope they get brought out by disney or netflix or some company with money to waste

Acceptance my friend. Acceptance!! I don’t let little things like money affect my being,life’s too short :pray: Let Go Let God :pray:


Will this stock disappear from Freetrade eventually?

It already has. It was delisted from the LSE on the 1st August 2023.

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It’s still showing in my app


That’s because your with freetrade!!

I looked at it pre covid.
I read an article saying just how much they had borrowed.
It was considered very risky then. Without the benefit of knowing about the upcoming COVID pandemic.
Sorry folks if you put money in post COVID then you have no complaints about loosing everything. You were gambling, the odds were not much better than doing the lottery.


Have to love subtle sympathy :sweat_smile:


I have just calculated how much I suppose ? I have lost … £2000

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Thats a lot for anyone.

Sorry that happened.

Hopefully £2k worth of a lesson that will serve you well in future.


When did you start investing?

April 2021

Cineworld is there in my list of amenities as a permanent reminder … How do I get rid of it sitting there, 2000 @ 0.98p ?