Cineworld (CINE) 🎥

No group of friends (4+) , first date, school trip, will go to your house to watch a Netflix or Amazon on your 32’+ TV .
Therefore Cinema will be there , one way or another.
If you’re selling, I’m buying :+1:


Have you seen the price of films released on streaming services at the same time as the cinema? Godzilla vs Kong is £16 on Sky. I can get two cinema tickets for that. During the week with 2 for 1 deals you can get four tickets. Cinema offers a premium experience over streaming too. No way am I paying more money for less. Reminds me of digital videogames that cost more than the physical edition. No thanks. If I want to rent a film it’s because I don’t care enough to see it at the cinema, and if I don’t care enough I’m happy to wait. Godzilla will be £5.50 to rent on Sky in a couple of months for example.

Also on the subject of Godzilla vs Kong. The film exceeded expectations in the US for a Covid box office. People are wanting to go to the cinema. Just like people are wanting to go to their local pub. People are sick of sitting at home watching Netflix.

I’m locked and loaded on this one with an average of 101p. My biggest holding. Actually trebled my number of shares during the dips last week. Not worried one bit. Hoping to double what I have put in.


Wait a couple of years it will be free on channel 4 :laughing:


Or wait 20 years and sky will let you watch it for free as a special treat from SKY VIP on sky one conveniently the week before being able to buy/rent the new 2041 version like they did last week :joy:

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Seems like a sustainable business model 🤦

It’s probably because all the sweets in the pick-n-mix have gone out of date.


Any predictions on where this one will go?


I agree with @Kardiffmike.

The theory I’ve read on the current price movement is that more shares are being accumulated by a big buyer. These are good prices to get in at - but do your own research.

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Yeah, I’m betting on the fact that before COVID, they were trading at over double their current price for over 5 years. It might take a while to recover, or the last year could wipe them out entirely (which is why they’re trying to secure more debt), but long term there’s no reason to believe they won’t be as profitable as they were before after a couple of years.

I’ve only got £100 in them, but I think it’s worth it on the chance it doubles in a few years.


I think there is every reason to believe they will never trade as highly as pre covid again. I still have them in my portfolio but I don’t expect them to return to pre covid levels since the contractual stranglehold the cinemas had on the film industry has now been broken and they will have to compete more aggressively to be the point of release for new films (especially films with lower expectations) rather than streaming services. There will still be a place for cinema but they won’t rule the roost any longer and the share price will reflect that.


Good point :+1:t2: it’s a new world and different era who knows what to expect?

Sinking lime the I’m

I agree with all of the most recent posts. Streaming platforms are providing more and more new movie releases. This means that cinemas really need to up their game when it comes to delivering an experience that people are will to pay over the odds for.

I think Cineworld will bounce back, I think the Cinema industry is here to stay. But I would love to see how this space innovates to stay fresh and relevant. I’m not sure that Popcorn and a massive soft drink will cut it.


I think the booths with table service are the way to go :+1: It costs more but I prefer to pay this so it feels more private and the bar with decent food is definitely better than sweets and popcorn :joy:

Maybe merging or doing agreements with bowling alleys for example to give a whole evening entertainment more often is the way forward.


I disagree. From what I have seen so far, newly released films on streaming services cost more than two cinema tickets. Why pay more to watch the film on your small TV with crap sound? Cinemas already provide a premium movie experience over a streaming service in my view and at a cheaper price.

If it puts people off taking their kids (4 tickets) because it’s more expensive than streaming then great! I might actually go to the cinema more often. Nothing worse than being sat in front of talking/crying kids kicking the back of your seat who have no interest in the film and are just there because their parents couldn’t find a babysitter.


Recent Kong/gonzilla seen for £15.99 that’s shocking can buy it cheaper after release and I can get 2 adult tickets for £13 with work saving app and breaks the norm from being on the cough getting out and being littl social

Don’t bother with the overpriced popcorn take my own sweets (can’t actually stop you) and as for eating a meal while watching a film that’s not for me :+1:t2:

No they have a bar and seating in the waiting area kind of but it is really nice. Yeah I wouldn’t want to eat a meal during film but the booth is nice to put a drink and snacks on rather than the usual balancing act :joy:

Like this


Ah yes get you now :rofl: booths work in cinemas lounges! Shouldn’t be saying this but before covid was in a odeon luxe probably best cinema experience I had very comfy like being at home with 20,000" TV :rofl: and was over the top price either :+1:t2:

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