Crowdfunding soon on Crowdcube, waitlist for early access now open.

I’ve used Citymapper on/off for a few years, so this has piqued my interest :face_with_monocle:


I’m not sure how they ever intend to make money. They’ve been around for ages - they tried a bus, they tried a bus/taxi hybrid and now I get invited to be part of their club with such measly features like custom icons that it feels more like charity.

I notice on the crowdfunding page that they want to expose their services as an API to use in other apps, but do apps really want built in routing? Maps yes, but google maps (and others) has that. Perhaps for logistics companies, but they obviously don’t use public transport, so who is the customer there?

They also have a travel debit card service that they could open to payments also.

I used it in beta a long time ago and it was good but not until all businesses are back.

They could potentially expand this to global regions so you rock up in Japan and your Citymapper travel card just works on their network perhaps.

They definitely have a market opportunity as it is far better than Google and TfL for telling you what route to take in London.

But I’m not sure how they can monetise it other that advert-funded, because if you had to pay for it, I’m sure most people would just use Google instead.


Yeah there are several important questions to be answered before I would invest.

They’ve obviously not been very successful at monetising their users so far, so hopefully they present a clear path forward rather than vague statements around travel data.

I’m also very interested to see what valuation they raise at :thinking:


Agreed. I use it heavily in London - usually if I need a reliable estimate. So I’m bullish on the product, but I don’t know anything about their monetisation strategies. Will be good to see the deck. :+1:


As with many campaigns, this app has millions of users already and so they will hit their funding target fast like What3Words did. Whether there is a viable financial model, especially given the major changes to the tracking of consumer with various cookie policy and IDFA changes on Apple, they may find it harder to monetise their data.

Curious to see the pitch deck…


Urgh. I’ve no idea how they’ve even slightly successful with “don’t use two simple numbers (long+lat) that are intuitive and people can have a sense of spatial relationship between two places, but instead use a copyrighted list of words and a proprietary lookup service that will be charged for as soon as it becomes popular”. Or you know, use a postcode (admittedly not so good in the countryside).

I did some consulting work out in Tonga and they don’t have street addresses, let alone postal codes. What3Words has legitimate use cases and it’s much easier to memorise than long/lat.


Anyone looking at this today?

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I was initially very interested. But for some reason I can’t get myself to invest. It’s all too murky. Not many financials, just reiterating PRE-covid data. Just seems to me like they really need the money now and aren’t sure how to monetise. Love the product though :confused:


Same, I was also interested earlier until I saw lots of questions on Crowdfund website being asked with no straight answer given and a 24 hour deadline? (which I didn’t know there was) like what the hell? sounds like Deliveroo hype tactic all over again and looked what happened to them.

So I’m out and more money for Freetrade and the rest to come again this year.


one of the worst crowdfunding pitches ever. makes a mockery of raising money from retail investors.


I just watched the pitch video :joy::joy:

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