Claim your R7 forum investor badge

I don’t know why I missed this form. It would be good if these things are emailed out instead of just being on the forum…

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I still don’t see my R7 badge as well


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Hey could I get my R6 badge please :crossed_fingers:t5:?

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Any chance someone can help me get my badge?
@NeilB @sampoullain ?
I have DM’d Sam but haven’t received a reply yet. I am sure you are busy prepping for R8 but would appreciate some assistance wrapping up R7 :grinning:

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What are we on now? R7 or R8 or R9?

It’s Round 8

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Thx. So what happened to the R7 forum avatar icons FT talk about? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

People have them, John a few posts up for example. There’s a R7 badges post you can request on if you’re still waiting/used a different email.

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You have to enable it. Click on avatar/silhouette/preferences

It’s not there. Never was.


DM @sampoullain he’ll be able to add it for you.


I have tried that already but still no joy!


It works!


How did you do it?

Does it work on mobile Safari?

It needed changes by @sampoullain to enable it. DM him if you are still waiting

@sampoullain Hey could you add my R7 thank you please :slight_smile:

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Just checking that

Nothing shows in your preferences like this

Nope sorry all I have is my email and name options