Cloud computing, socially responsible ETFs, UK stocks and global brands inc. AB Inbev

Thanks team, some great additions!

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Loving the cloud computing ETFs, I didn’t know how much I needed them until now.

Good job guys


Awesome, thanks!

Ok sure, thanks @Viktor, does that mean those already suggested (with votes) that didn’t make it in this round might be added next time??

They will be added as soon as we can add them. Not necessarily the following week, but possible! If we don’t add them, we might provide some context over time.

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Thanks, finally I can own little bit of Atlassian inside the ISA with the addition of KLWD

Ok thanks for clarifying. So the next round on the megathread will take on brand new suggestions then… I better get hunting for some more interesting and high potential stocks!!! :grin: :+1:

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Another great list of companies added. Even the ones I left out of the request was in this batch. Hopefully freetrade is looking at ways to be creative with the discovery page. Would be great if I receive a notification about a new stock discovery section based on a current trend. ‘Stay at home’ with stocks like peloton, draftkings etc. Something down those line can be explored that is authentic to freetrade. You can even use the data to make the discovery page more unique to each individual investor. Might be a lot of complexities but that would be interesting.


Really good work on this one! :+1:

This is the EUR denominated ETF right?

That is unusual, all of them are closing on 25th August but Vanguard has a better structure than Blackrock ETFs which means they never need to wind down.

That’s a good list of additions. Thank you. Pleased to see the Vanguard tranche of funds too. I have a portfolio of these and keep 60% in equities and 40% in Bonds.

Ummm, it would seem that somehow all the posts in this thread are registering as replies to my post below the list. The delete button in my emails is getting worn out! :grin:

  • can any of the admins help?

Try the notifications option on the right hand side :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion.I never changed any setting for this particular thread though so not sure what went on there.
Could be one of the kids inadvertently selected something, - what with them using my PC for homeschooling. Hopefully its fixed now.

I had the same thing!! Getting numerous emails. So it wasn’t just you :+1:

Hopefully all sorted now.

You could try giving them a separate user account to minimise the risk of them messing with your stuff.

Good idea. I let them use my account and just open a new window for them! :grin:
Seems like others had the same issue so i’ll let them off this time! :+1:

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So was I, until I saw their holdings… :confused:

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