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Naturally I have all of my crashing Eth :arrow_down: currently staked (and locked up) with crumbling Coinbase :arrow_double_down:

I’m good at investoring. :cow:


My Crypto portfolio has dropped 19k and my Coinbase shares 3k. Needless to say I’m not amused.


Happy Cake Day and a warm welcome to you, the latest member of the CashCow Investoring Academy For Inverse Winners.


You ever tried spreading your luck with AJ Bell shares?*

*not investment advice

p.s. I’m only joking

p.p.s I have the same effect on shares, maybe we could team up on AJ Bell, ha ha


I have lost 2/3 of my crypto on Coinbase wooooosh!! Gone!!

Am I mad to buy shares in this?. I know that the price has rocketed down, but the fact these shares reached 353 per share 7 months ago, leaves me of the mind that this will be capable again, once the market recovers.

I did this with house prices when they dived, and made a pretty profit, when they recovered. I’m a newbie to this

Hi @Aud

Two often repeated phrases are all you’re going to need, they won’t answer your question but they’ll put you on the right path.

Past performance is not a indicator of future returns

Do your own research

The latter meaning dig into the company, the leadership, read up about the future of crypto (from a variety of sources both bull and bear).

Buying a house, or house builder, during a dip is a very different risk calculation to buying a crypto exchange.

Good luck and don’t feel need the need to rush, you’ll feel the sting of a rash decision longer than the FOMO.

How did you lose your crypto? Bad trades? Or do you mean you have the same amount of crypto it’s just worth less on USD terms?

Pretty soon a lot of people who invested in random “crypto” are going to realise all the random coins that they brought are quite worthless. I’m holding my BTC but if I’d got sucked in by any scam coins I’d be running for the exit like everyone else seems to be.

I invested £3000 and at the moment it is worth £1000 if I cashed out. I’m just going to wait until it recovers.

if you don’t need the money => just hold and be patient. I also “lost” 2/3!

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Personally I don’t think this company will do well and would not invest in this space, certainly not at present.

Why do I think that? Because the use value is very close to 0 so there is no lower bound, unlike say housing. Will the market recover? Are people using cryptocurrencies to transact as opposed to speculate?

If we see people using cryptocurrencies to transact and replace fiat currencies (and specifically the ones you are investing in), as opposed to speculation on price, then that puts a floor on their value. There will doubtless be some recoveries on the way down, but this could fall a lot farther than $350 to $50 if many customers drift away this year after losing all their savings on cryptocurrencies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see COIN drop another 10% today tracking Bitcoin.

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Thank you for your tips. I think I may have been rash buying these.

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Thank you Kenny. I’ve a lot to learn

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You’re in the right place and asking questions. The feeling you get when looking at stocks makes you think “if I don’t buy now it’ll double tomorrow …”. In all probability it won’t and will cost you more than waiting a week and reading everything you can.

Learning to understand some basic financials will be invaluable. Nothing complex just things P/E, EBITA, difference between cash flow positive and profit …


This is probably a crazy question,but where has it gone? :joy::joy:

I feel like this is a brave strategy. I’d be asking myself how many coins from the 2017 ICO bubble recovered…

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We all do.

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I cashed out all my altcoins in March. Locked in some profits and now only holding Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Happy holding 5+ years, as I know they will still exist and likely appreciate.


My main holdings are BTC and ETH and these are both down substantially from their highs. I also hold Cardano, Solana, CRO (staked) and a tiny bit of SHIB left over (sold out most of my SHIB at the peak).

I don’t need the money anytime soon so I ain’t selling. These are long term holds for me.