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This shows how much you can trust analysts…

is anyone goinng to be brave enough to buy on day 1?

I’m planning if Freetrade get it listed on their platform.

I’m currently torn between buying on day 1 and watching it drop 30% or holding off for a few days/weeks and watching it rise 30% without me :thinking:


Dilemma Dilemma!!! :crazy_face:

Please add Marqeta and Coinbase after ipoed

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Hi all,

Coinbase are widely reported to be considering IPO late 2020-early 2021.

Thought it was worth making a new topic so that we can follow it and share updates.



+1 from me.

Coinbase fees are extortionate, but people pay them regardless.

Anyone got any predictions for Coinbase long term? Crypto is probably here to stay in some form.

What else are Coinbase doing as well as being an exchange for retail investors? They own Gdax, which is now Coinbase Pro, I’m not sure what market share of transactions they have through there.

Did they also launch a card, are they doing anything involving providing a service for businesses to take crypto as payment? Any other interesting developments that they’re doing?

I think they’re definitely going to be hyped, as the first crypto-related company to IPO. I’ve never invested in an IPO, but i might have a look at this one, I’m interested in what their long term growth prospects are.

Coinbase looks like an interesting one to me. I suspect a lot of people will be wary due to the massive wave of terrible coin offerings, but Coinbase’s business model isn’t really affected by the actual price of each crypto.

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They also offer a staking feature for Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies like Tezos.

For Coinbase IPO +1

I’m definitely interested, I haven’t brought any cryptocurreny for years now. Coinbase was the gateway for me and my friends at university; I wonder if that’s still the case.

It is still the most trusted platform for on boarding your fiat currency and converting it to crypto.

Their card is also widely used, allowing you to spend crypto instantly in shops via the Visa gateway. It integrates crypto seamlessly into the fiat world that most of our transactions are in.

Some of my investments pay me an income in crypto. I can send it to my Coinbase account and then visit Costa and buy a coffee using my Coinbase card. The point of sale transaction is instant. Behind the scenes, Coinbase sells my crypto into local currency (GBP) to pay for the coffee.


What investments are paying you an income on crypto? Not from proof of stake :wink:

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I have a part share of some international property. The rent is converted from local fiat to ETH and then paid to me.
I also own Solar cells in South Africa which are leased out. The monthly lease payments are converted from local fiat (ZAR) to BTC and then payed to me.


Coinbase is the to-go exchanges for people discovering crypto. However, once you dive a bit deeper, the high fees, limited options of pairs & order types make people move to Binance or Bitmex. The real market is not B2C, it’s B2B: institutional order flow, custody, OTC etc. Coinbase is ideally placed to win over this volume. The last crypto-IPO (Bitmain) was a massive failure, let’s hope this one does better.

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That’s crazy. What’s the benefit of that? FX avoidance or tax avoidance?

Both companies run crowd funded projects. It’s much easier for them to pay the monthly income to multiple people all around the world using a single currency that is accessible to anyone from any country. Crypto makes that easy and almost instant.

It does reduce the transaction fees but doesn’t eliminate them, crypto still has transaction fees.

With regards to tax, income gained via crypto is still income and a taxable event in the UK. But you are correct in your assumption that a person could choose not to declare it and HMRC would never know.


Coinbase S-1 submitted