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I use Kraken to buy all my Crypto. :+1:


Thanls ill try it… What about coinbase?..

The fees on Coinbase are generally very high, unless you use Coinbase Pro.


Correct. Since there’s no hurdle or cost for using the Pro verson afaik, it’s kinda the same to buy on Coinbase Pro or Kraken.
Both are legit exchanges and I’ve used both for many years.

Now that they have the “advanced trading” option on coinbase, you can basically trade on coinbase with fees similar to what they are on coinbase pro. Which is a big win.

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Its being shorted by 17% by the big firms according to marketbeat.

I imagine the upcoming ETH merge is only going to be a good thing for coinbase. A very good thing. Don’t think I’d want to be shorting them right now.

Looks hopeful

Very interesting read!!!

could be good for us

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Interesting move should it happen

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Staff layoffs

Led to about 15% share price increase. The market likes it.

Up 90% in the last month. If the SEC approves a bitcoin ETF then coinbase stock will rocket as they are providing the market oversight for all the ETFs filed.

Downside risks is the SEC filed a complaint against coinbase as coinbase has listed many crypto tokens that they claim are securities.

Still trading at a big discount to its IPO price of $250, however at listing we were in a crypto bull market and coinbase was raking in fees.

Coinbase also has a stake in the stablecoin circle so is making money from the interest payments on the stablecoin, so hopefully will be returning to profit soon.


Coinbase are due to relist XRP.

Bitcoin spot ETF expected to be approved next week and Coinbase is the custodial for most applicants. Once approved, I suspect the stock to move up. It’s currently at $154

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Earnings next week but seems to follow bitcoin price action. If BTC price breaks previous all time highs then the stock might reclaim it’s IPO price of $250.

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