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I may need to keep a low profile after this, but what are people’s thoughts on having a dedicated part of the community only for Freetrade Plus members? This community is a great space, but recently it seems as though there have been huge volumes of posts that are either:

a) Asking very basic investing questions
b) Using the community instead of support
c) Complaining about things not working or features that have not yet been released.

Before I say anything else, I want to say that ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE 100% VALID and absolutely what the forum should be about, but it would also be great to have a place where people who are more advanced or serious about investing (or at least serious enough to pay) could post. Having access to this part of the community could also be advertised as part of the benefit of paying the £10/month for Plus.

Any thoughts?

Not plus, and don’t care if they give you a separate section if you are.

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I have seen many new investors join the community asking questions that could be seen as basic by some users only to stay and become valued members of the community.

There are simple improvements that i’d love to see here in the community which could alleviate some of what you highlight but right now :freetrade: don’t appear to be planning to hiring someone, to build the community and to implement them.

“I begin to speak only when I’m certain what I’ll say isn’t better left unsaid.” – Cato

I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t mind taking some of the rough if the smooth is a growing the community of people varied backgrounds & different perspectives. This place is at its absolute best when people are engaging, sharing knowledge and finding news from across the world all helping everyone to become better more informed investor.


c) It’s a British pastime to moan and complain :sweat_smile:
With a day job around product development/software and prioritising features in a backlog based on the perceived value and resource (staff) available, I’m probably more patient than most with this knowing how things work, but neither is a multitude of features the reason I joined Freetrade.

I don’t really understand why isolating discussion off or paywalling it would help the wider community, you’d also miss some of the experienced/knowledgeable posters around here who don’t pay for Plus.

Discussion out in the open will generally bring something to light that you might have missed (be more chance with more eyes on it), bring some form of consensus etc
Also I’m sure newer investors/members would benefit from that as it’s about sharing information.


I actually like the concept and your meaning for it but think it is a flawed idea as you will get many who have Plus that would engage in the same 3 things you mentioned. This would then be worse as it would be considered “paid for” and experiencing these things.

Also, there are some really knowledgeable people on here who are really good to listen to and hear their views that do not have Plus. I find I now follow threads I like that avoid most of the issues you mentioned and find that eliminates most aspects I do not like (the moaning not helping part).

I do however, not as much as a year ago, love the forum and it’s new members learning the ropes. It is such a nice forum compared to many others I have visited but it can be polarising at times.


I appreciate the opinions and agree with much of the sentiment. I also agree that the forum is of huge benefit and am thoroughly glad that people perceive it to be helping new investors. I certainly hope that is the case.

My suggestion (merely that) was not to disassociate from the general forum (or set up a parallel or rival one), but instead provide an addition to plus users. If it’s not desired then I certainly wouldn’t want Freetrade to put time into implementing it (regardless of my own opinion).


Ask Freetrade to pin a thread named …Top Expert Investors Only :grin:


And then restrict it so that only I can post.


This implys us poor people aren’t serious :sob:


Everybody getting mad cow disease up in this…

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Another spot I can get offensive on? :stuck_out_tongue:

Make it so.

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I wouldn’t want it to detract from the value add the Community offers. Creating a club in a club shouldn’t be the fix, if these are genuine issues people feel then Freetrade will need to better manage/structure the forum. I feel you’d lose posts and discussions from the general pages


I don’t like the idea of gated community’s and what would stop a member of that gated community coming on here and asking for questions they would then pose in the gated community?


I think the community would be a poorer place as I would assume most plus members are more experienced investors. Would we want that knowledge taken away?

As a new investor I gain a lot from the forum hopefully it continues and grows in its current form!


I agree, I learn a lot from the more experienced investors and enjoy reading their snippets of wisdom! I think it would de detrimental to us newbies if we were separated from them.


Thanks Emmie I do try and teach everyone but there’s only so much a worm can do, I mean do you know how long it takes to type using my head jeeeeezzz


Almost as bad as it must be for @CashCow typing with his hooves!


Maybe a better suggestion is the ability to mute threads with keywords.

I wouldn’t ever be interested in a gambling or alcohol-based business and would happily mute any threads that discuss them

Same goes for ETFs :grimacing:

Think your intentions are pure but agree with the above that there should be no segregation, we all started as novices.


Agreed, we don’t need a Berlin style wall


Point a is one of the useful features of the forum for both those who ask the questions and those who read the answers. What can seem like a basic question to one person is often far from basic or obvious to another , ‘advanced’ investor or not. I am an experienced investor who has been investing fairly large sums over many years. But I still come across things that I thought I understood well until I see an explanation given as answer to what might seem a basic investing question by someone else. Asking and answering ‘basic’ questions is often generally useful.