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Might be a good idea, newbie no nothings like myself can feel free to ask our daft questions that we tried to research but didn’t quite make sense on a general forum & Plus members get a one-off choice to stay with the general forum or join the elite group.
In the elite group they will enjoy like minded intellect without any of our stupid questions whilst herds of unicorn roam freely through the meadows.

Or maybe not…….

Welcome to the forum, @chromiumuk - no question is a daft question!

As a Plus member, I often like to read newbies’ questions as sometimes, the answer is not what I was expecting so it encourages me to do more research and learn.

Been investing a number of years but nowhere near an expert so I wouldn’t fit into some elite group :laughing:


Thanks, I appreciate the welcome & your position which I suspect many other Plus members share.
At 53, I’m very late to investing & only started last August.
For years I never ever considered investing as I know that I don’t really have the intelligence & “nose” for it.
All that changed when my bank decided one day to double the interest rate on its overdraft from 19.9% apr to 39.9% apr whilst telling me what a great deal this was, all whilst ripping off savers with virtually zero percent interest on savings.
I knuckled down, paid off the overdraft then had to decide what to do with my meagre savings as I wasn’t going to let the UK banks make money off of them whilst offering nothing in return.

This kind of forced me to look at investing even though I know nothing about it & also know that I will likely lose money doing it.
So far my portfolio is around 10% down, but I have made some bad errors/ investments which are dragging down the good ones.
I didn’t understand much & tried to read Jim Cramers “Get Rich Carefully” book (or similar title) but my intelligence is average at best & I get easily lost reading it & don’t easily retain the knowledge.
Whilst I have much respect for Jim Cramer, sadly the only two of his picks that I invested in are PayPal (currently 60% down on that one) & Nvidia (over 30% down on that).
I suppose I’ve learnt that even the gurus in this game get it wrong & perhaps I’ve been a bit unlucky but I also didn’t know enough about investing & made mistakes with both those picks that I’d be wary of in future.
With PayPal I bought a few days before it’s quarterly report & it had a poor report which caused a plummet.
With Nvidia, it was exactly the opposite. I waited till after it reported but it had a great report & I bought during the hyped up buying the very next day so bought it at near the top.
These aren’t my only bad lots but they are my main bugbears though Evraz was another all of my own making.
I have had some wins, but the losses have totally consumed them at the moment.

I don’t have lofty goals but would like to eventually beat the UK banks interest rate over the next 4 or 5 years but am happy to take the risk that I could end up losing a lot in order to try to achieve this.

I’m lucky in that I have a colleague at work who invests & he has been on the receiving end of all my stupid questions & there have been many of them, but for many people this forum may be their best way of asking for clarification which I believe is important.

I’d like to become a Plus member myself one day but would definitely NOT be interested in joining any snooty elite forum for the intellectually advanced as I most certainly wouldn’t fit in to that.

Sorry for my ramblings but thought I’d explain how I came to be here.


Hey all, thanks so much for the comments and (at least from those that have posted) it seems that there is little interest for a ‘Plus’ arm of the forum.

My question/suggestion was born not out of elitism or superiority (I, like many, have much to learn and have also benefitted greatly from the ‘newbie’ questions on here at times), but from experience with another Discourse platform forum that was dedicated to subject-matter experts on a particular piece of software (Coupa). On this other forum, all members have been through core-platform training, so there is a base-level of knowledge assumed. This has led to a hugely productive forum experience with members and company staff discussing less common detail and functionality, and helping each other out. I felt that this suggestion with Freetrade could lead to a similar environment.

I will, however, admit that a Freetrade Plus Forum arm would be a little different to this, as the only pre-requisite for joining would be an ability/willingness to pay the £10/month, and not a specific level of knowledge. It therefore may not be the best way of fostering ‘deeper’ discussion.

Given the many thousands of users who have joined the forum in the last year or so, and the volume of threads/posts that come with, I’d still be interested if anyone has any ideas of how to do this. Does post tagging need to be improved? Is there any way of keeping threads on-topic etc? Please do keep sharing your thoughts.

Again, many thanks to those of you who have commented so far, and I appreciate you doing so in a constructive manner. :+1:t3:


Lots of people are down at present so stay with it and be patient chromiumUK. Maybe ‘lower risk’ trades like passive ETFs would be useful for you to meet your aims. Freetrade has a lot of information to help as well of support from people here to try and help with any questions.


I was a plus member & didnt have a clue what I was doing … You’d have loved me in a plus only forum :laughing: :rofl: :rofl:

This is a great community, with a wealth of knowledge. I dont think my investment journey would have lasted long or had been as successful without some of the great people on here sharing information & (not financial advice) advising.

Way too many people to list who are helpful on this forum… You know who you are.

£9.99 a month doesnt auto mean more seriousness, experience or any kind of elitism.

Keep our community together please :slight_smile:


Thanks for advice, much appreciated.
I did try a couple of ETF’s a while back but again I made mistakes.
I bought a ftse 250 Vanguard etf that only ever went down. I had to wait till it hit a mini peak then got rid of it at a loss.
My work colleague who trades advised that you need to be careful & as much as possible try to buy the etf when that sector is down (pretty much standard advice I know but I am a newbie)
My next etf trying to use that advice was an ishares US Tech Sector fund.
Initially this was going great & I was even considering adding to it but at the end of last year US Tech Sector took a hit & it started going down.
I managed to sell it whilst still up which was good as it subsequently slid below what I paid for it.
One good thing I noticed about that etf was that it was sluggish to respond in relation to individual stocks & that gave me time to realise where it was heading & get out before it totally nosedived.

I will happily give etf’s another go but I’m really not sure what I’d go for next time.
Global X Lithium etf is one I would have loved to get but it’s US market only.

For my last few trades, I’ve paid more attention to the P/E ratio (though it isn’t defining for me) & I’ve added a few more shares that are paying reasonable dividends, though I won’t touch tobacco, gambling, UK banks or traditional UK energy companies (renewable energy companies I will do for now) as I believe these particular sectors happily trade on the misery of others.
I’m not totally naive & know that there are no morally clean companies out there trading, but some are better & some are worse.
I just don’t want to encourage those I feel need to improve, not that my pennies of investment will ever make the slightest dent of difference except to how I feel.

So you bought a FTSE 250 when the sector was down but sounds like you ended up panicking and sold at a loss.

Trading isn’t the best strategy for everyone, perhaps consider holding for longer term (although past performance is no guarantee of future performance).


It sounds to me like you are expecting a return too quickly. I’ve been investing for around 6 months now but doing it for a long term gain, I’m very aware that I’m unlikely to make any money in the short term, especially with what’s going on in the world at the moment. Like you I’m in the red with a number of my investments but there’s been all the Covid issues, then a war and also inflation. I think you need to sit tight and look at it from a longer term perspective of years rather than months.


Time in the market works a lot better than trying to time the market.


If we’re going down this poorly driven road, how about a football sub-community? I know it’s against the rules (keep it on point etc) but it could be good. And don’t forget - MUFC are on the stock exchange (:joy:) so it’s almost valid! #YNWA


I agree with what both Weenie and Emmie have said but would add two things:

  1. Getting dividend stocks are a good way to keep your motivation as you will get some money coming in despite the losses.
  2. As long as it’s a good stock, you should take advantage of it going into the red to buy more of it. That way, you make even more gain as it goes up again.

No, I was new & stupid & bought the FTSE 250 etf when the sector was high.
That’s why it only ever went down.
I know if I’d held on it would probably have come back but the more I began to learn, the more I realised the mistake I made.

I’m not expecting quick returns, I’m fact I fully expect to be 10 - 15% down after 5 years (maybe even more) but I’m prepared to take the risk for the chance to be 25% up.

In the short term. If you held onto it for another couple of years, you’d probably see some gains on what you now consider “high”. And if you kept buying into it when the prices are lower now, you’d see even more gains in the future.



Why is this always such a challenge? It really does make for a very poor forum experience. Searching for a topic that I’m genuinely interested in, and aside from the first few posts it’s invariably about something/many things that are totally different.

Pretty much the only time I’ve seen this working effectively is on the ‘XXX - Share Chat’ threads for a specific stock. So may of the others - Crypto, How Many Users, FT Share Price etc - are a mishmash of all sorts.

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There is no mistake here as ralf points out. The stock market doesn’t work like that. Buying low and selling high is a myth since nobody know when either will occur.

The only real strategy that makes everyone money is to continually buy into ETFs whenever you have the money and wait. It doesn’t matter if it’s on an all-time high or not. It could well just move on to many other all time highs from there without dropping ever again.


Should this be discussed in a new topic then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks to all the friendly advice received, much appreciated everyone.

The OP is requesting this be kept on his topic which is fair enough so I’ll bow out at this point as I’ve nothing further I can add to that.

Thanks again

I think that this thread alone shows that it is very easy to diverge from the main topic being discussed. I think that the main issue is how they link their web/community accounts with the App accounts. It should be fairly trivial but there may be separation for various reasons. Once there is a single user account tied in to both the app and the community forum (if not already done) then it should be fairly simple to have a category that only Plus members can post and read to/from. A fully separated forum e.g. would mean that you can have topics only available for plus members but the issue is then you need to maintain and support two separate communities.

I would add that if this topic is looked at and addressed by the community / web management team, there possibly could be an investors category for those who have invested in CrowdCube / investment funding rounds. I’m sure that someone will suggest that this is an additional idea and should be separated into a new topic…