Community Meetup, London - June 25th 👋 🍾

This next meetup’s a little bit different to our usual events, as we want to celebrate our latest crowdfunding round with the Freetrade community. Join us in the evening on Tuesday the 25th June :clinking_glasses:

We’re also visiting Birmingham, Manchester & Leeds the week before this event, grab your tickets here - Reserve your tickets for the Freetrade crowdfunding road trip 🎫


Hi Alex - the Eventbrite event is set on the 25 July rather than June :innocent:

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25th July or 25th of June?

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It’s June, I’ve fixed that now :raised_hands:

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Can you stop arranging these on nights I can’t make it?! Lol… Just kidding… Really wish I could make some of these to meet the team!


Same! I’d love to go, but I’m graduating on that day :man_student:


Well that’s a pretty good excuse, congrats! :man_student:

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Congrats! Enjoy your graduation!

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congrats!! enjoy…:partying_face::man_student::school::tada::medal_sports:

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