Community Voting Changes

I love that we have the ability to vote for topics to highlight them to other community users and Freetrade staff, but feel like this would be more impactful if the number of votes each user could give was limited.

I’m a member of another community forum (Coupa) powered by Discourse and this feature works really well as everyine is limited to 5 votes. This makes people really choose where their votes go, and threads with high numbers of votes are addressed more quickly than others because it demonstrates to the company that this is an important issue for many users.

I wonder what people’s thoughts are on doing the same thing here?

Plus 1 from me. You need to vote for your own idea too don’t forget :wink:

Limiting votes makes people stop before just up voting something that isn’t bad but they don’t really need or want.

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Once an item voted in has been approved or rejected, is that vote then given back to the user?

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Done now :wink:

Yes, but you can also choose to ‘unvote’ for things you had previously voted for, and use that vote to vote for something else.

I just feel like it would clean up the community a little bit and really help drive home to Freetrade what we, as the community, feel is important.