Conroy Gold & Natural Resources Plc - CGNR

Same, i never know if the shares we are waiting on being amended are still in progress or just forgotten about.


Another 2 months and still no update from Freetrade @sampoullain @acamp @Viktor

Why should I invest more money in crowdfunding, so that you can continue ignoring users?


52 week low for CGNR now and I’m still unable to buy more stock after months of waiting.

@EmilieGauthier is there any update on existing stocks with this stamp duty issue please (several stocks have been impacted)?


Still unable to buy anymore of this stock - when will this be fixed?

I don’t know what’s more disappointing; the fact it’s been months with no fix, or the complete lack of communication in relation to this issue.

Perhaps I’ll need to wait until Freetrades been bought out before I see basic issues addressed… :grimacing:

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It’s that time again. Still no news from Freetrade about a resolve to be able to buy more shares in this one. I hold a tiny amount but now is the time i’m wanting to start building on that. Would love to have all my holdings in one place on Freetrade, but monetary gains take precedent over brand loyalty so if i don’t hear any news soon i’ll be forced to get my shares elsewhere.

@sampoullain @DanielE

Is this the same issue as PAF?