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Maybe some action coming finally

Could be a big day Monday providing the President comes to visit.

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Finaly some movement. Could be nothing more than a blip or it could be the start of something, but that would also mean it’s leaky as f*ck

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I topped up as was sick of seeing it get lower and lower topped up when up but still lower than my last top up oven 0.4 :+1:t2:

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Leaky it is then

Managed to get a cheeky average down after the dip this morning, still way underwater, but as long as the Rns isn’t all bullshit then it may all turn out alright.

Valuable lesson learned with this stock. Got myself carried away and went all in waaaay too early.

Company communication has been abysmal, compared to others that give regular updates the vast majority of the time i’ve spent with Contango i’ve been twisting in the wind.

But one good update and it can still turn around. I’m hoping for a nice buyout so i can just be done with it now.

Bloody hell, looks like they sold some coal!

So why is it dropping like hell :roll_eyes: that must be near 20% down this week? :face_vomiting:

General feeling seems to be that no one trusts what Contango say anymore. After the constant delays and previous porkies.

There was supposed to be someone interested in buying them and that seems to have fizzled out without any mention in the last Rns and previous offtake announcement have just dissapeared.

I’m holding to see it through, at the moment i’m so far in a hole that i actually have the coal above me.

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That’s not good then no trust? But surely the coal payment and contract is good but if there’s no promise or trust tho :thinking: maybe between £150-£300 down! Can’t remember the exact price before typing :roll_eyes:

It’s looks like this is dying, another stock that cost the earth :earth_africa:

I feel that pain. No idea wtf is going on with this company. So much coal, a mine built, wash plant in place and then months and months of nothing.

I still hold, feels to me like there is no point in selling anymore. I’m just hoping for a buyout so i can be done with it.

Yea I’m not buying anymore, or AVG down it’s losing money hand over fist and no obvious reason to me?